Audrey Grace Auction Open for Bidding

December 10th, 2018 12:02 PM | No Comments

What's HotThe 17th Annual Audrey Grace Auction started Monday, December 10th right here on the Pleasurehorse Delphi Forum. It will CLOSE Sunday December 16th 5 pm EASTERN time. The highest bid following the proper bidding increments (you can always bid more but has to be at LEAST by increment listed in opening post) at 4:59 pm EASTERN time on the 17th wins the breeding or item. Even if a higher bid comes in at 5 pm the bid on or before 4:59 wins the auction.

To look at the Breedings and Items go to the far top left side of your screen. Click on the LIGHT BLUE folder named: Audrey Grace Stallions, Audrey Grace Items and Audrey Grace Items 2. This forum can only show 50 total (in all folders)messages at a time so you must CLICK on that folder to list all 43 Stallions, 30 items in Audrey Grace items and 28 items in Audrey Grace Items 2 folders.

You can read more and visit the donor’s website by going to

Click here to view the video walk through on how to access the auction on the forum.

To place a bid follow the minimum bid and bid increments (you can always bid higher but must at least bid up by bid increments) requirements listed in EVERY opening post. Hit the reply button on the bottom of the listing. Place your bid and first and last name. If you are bidding on an item or breeding with many bids PLEASE post to the highest bid so that person knows they have been outbid.

When the auction is over there will be an official post made to EACH high bidder stating they are the winner. You will have until Monday January 15th, 2018 to pay for your Breeding or Item. You can pay by check (preferred made out to NEW HORIZONS 11616 Wander Ln Dallas, TX 75230) or paypal IF you mark it gift so no fees are taken out. No Item or Breeding contracts will be sent out until they are paid in full. Once we receive payment we will notify the donor so they can send the Item or Breeding Contract out. PLEASE remember to send your name, what Item or Breeding it is for and full address with payment.

EVERY penny made in this Auction goes directly to the Children of New Horizons. The site has been generously donated by PLEASUREHORSE.COM and all employee hours have been donated. All the Items and Breedings have been donated as well. If you know one of the donors please tell them Thank you for being so generous. It is through them we are able to raise over $30K every year in this Auction. New Horizons is a licensed 501(c)(3)

Please open your hearts and wallets for this wonderful event.

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