Like Father, Like Son Logan Starnes Wins Congress Championship

October 24th, 2018 8:06 AM | No Comments

logan starnes

Photo: Jay Starnes and son, Logan Starnes 2018 All American Quarter Horse Congress

Logan Starnes is finally just like his dad, the first rider to win $1 Million Dollars in Western Pleasure, at least when it comes to being Congress Champions.

Logan and his horse Certainly Flatlined, aka Peter won the Small Fry Western Pleasure and are officially Congress Champions. Peter is a four-year-old gelding born and raised at his parent’s home and business, Starnes Quarter Horses in Manning, South Carolina. Logan and Peter have been a team for a while now and are no strangers to the winners circle together. In fact, they have already won the Tom Powers Champion, Big A circuit champion in Novice Youth walk trot, Big A reserve circuit champions in Small Fry walk trot, NSBA World Champions, and Congress Champion. Peter also has a record before Logan took over the reins. In fact, John Pauluzzi is Peter’s former owner who showed him to both NSBA World Champions and Congress Champions in 2017. Kristy Starnes has shown Peter to Top 5 finishes every year since he was 2 as well!

It is not all about the showing for Logan, although that part is pretty fun. Logan’s favorite part about Peter is “his soft nose” and his favorite part about showing Logan is “that Peter goes slow.”

Logan was extremely happy about his win at the Congress. In addition to “spending a whole month with the horses in his parents’ barn, he is “proud to be just like my Dad” and likes wearing his new Congress Championship jacket.

Congratulations Logan and Peter! We have no doubt there are more winners jackets in his future! 

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