70. Non-Pro Western Showmanship at Halter

September 1st, 2012 10:24 PM | No Comments

Photos are owned by and provided courtesy of Shane Rux Photography, the official photographer of the Reichert Celebration.  If you’d like to purchase any of these or other great shots (many more than what you see here), please contact the Shane Rux Team at shaneruxphotography@yahoo.com or visit them at the show.  A big thank you to Shane, Katie and the rest of the Shane Rux Photography team for the great pictures!



Place Back# Horse’s Name Rider’s Name Owner’s Name Owner’s City
1 1,401 A Stellar Hunter Chrissy Belcher Chrissy Belcher Marlow, OK
2 951 Hes All Sonny Lesla D. Andrews Lesla D. Andrews Corrales, NM
3 970 Thrifty Shelley Golden Drury Shelley Golden Drury Sachse, TX
4 949 Artfully Blue Carissa Cruse Lonnie Cruse Sante Fe, TX
5 960 Designed In The Dark Kendall Buskirk Lynne Buskirk Edmond, OK
6 969 Krymsun N Klover Jordan Gardner Jordan Gardner Lipan, TX
6 1,411 Strong Principles Lacee Keller The Keller Family Pearland, TX
8 1,407 Sacred Intuition Kathryn Stanley Kathryn Stanley Aubrey, TX
8 907 Brand New Zippo Courtney Cruse Courtney Cruse Pilot Point, TX
10 1,414 Certainly A Charlie Kelly Lynn Sweeney Kelly Lynn Sweeney Broad Brook, CT
10 900 Walkin In The Weeds Amanda Engisch George/Margaret/Amand En giscPharadise Valley, AZ

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