Your chance to ride with Dana Hokana

August 31st, 2018 2:36 PM | No Comments

360 Ranch in Big Sky Montana

This fall you will have the chance to ride with world champion trainer and renowned clinician Dana Hokana.  If you read Show Horse Today each month you should be familiar with Dana and her incredible talent for explaining the correct movement of a horse and teaching riders to be successful in every event.

Dana’s first clinic on October 6th and 7th in Big Sky Montana. This clinic is held at the stunning 320 Guest Ranch and offers an excellent opportunity to holiday with your horse. Located in picturesque Big Sky, Montana – this clinic will focus on the benefits of “Body Control” on your performance horse. No matter the event you compete in or if you trail ride having body control on your horse will make your ride much more enjoyable. Dana will help you build these fundamentals while you develop a deeper connection with your horse. There are limited spaces available in this clinic.

30623588_10213771176228112_6633802087907983360_oNext, Dana will be in Avon, Minnesota October 13th and 14th. Continuing with the “Fundamentals to a Better Horse” Dana will focus this clinic on the “Fundamentals to Body Control” while adding “The Art Of Collection”. Having a collected, balanced moving horse will benefit you in any event. This is a clinic you won’t want to miss as you prepare for the fall shows and build a solid foundation for every event. Only two spaces remain in this clinic.

Lastly, Dana is inviting you to her home in Temecula, California on December 1st & 2nd for a very special Ranch Horse and Trail Clinic. Focusing on the pattern events, this clinic will help you improve your scores be refining your transitions, developing better collection and the body control to plus complex maneuvers. Located in the heart of Temecula, this clinic is a wonderful opportunity to plan that dream “girls’ trip” to enjoy the beauty of Southern California wine country while developing the relationship with your horse to dance in the pattern classes as partners.33197433_1724372390988937_404898227830128640_n

We at are lucky enough to have attended many of Dana’s clinics and she truly is a wonderful instructor who has an innate ability to diagnose your issues and help you develop a plan for success. Dana teaches with respect, an honest love for the horse and a genuine interest in seeing all of her students succeed. She is excellent with all levels of horses and riders from true beginners to World Champions.

If you would like more information on any of her clinics please visit her website for more information HERE   or email Brook Hokana for details.



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