Standlee Premium Western Forage joins APHA as 2018 World Show Sponsor

December 27th, 2017 11:20 PM | No Comments
[photo credit: the Paint Horse Journal]

[photo credit: the Paint Horse Journal]


APHA is pleased to welcome Standlee Premium Western Forage, also known as Standlee Hay Company, as a 2018 World Show Sponsor. The partnership will benefit APHA members with awards both at the AjPHA Youth World Championship Show and the Open/Amateur World Championship Show.

The idea for Standlee Hay Company grew from seeds planted by Founder Mike Standlee’s parents; from a young age, Mike and his siblings worked and grew up in the family’s forage fields of Eden, Idaho. Gene and June Standlee instilled a strong work ethic and a deep love of forage farming in their children, which eventually blossomed into a successful business through Mike.

Mike and his wife, Whendy, started Standlee Hay Company, and the family-run business has become a leader in the forage industry. Today, Dusty Standlee—Mike and Whendy’s eldest child—is the CEO and president of Standlee Hay Company.

Standlee Hay Company has an extensive customer base, both domestically and internationally, and continues to produce the highest-quality forage for their customers. Standlee Premium Western Forage provides an array of forages in a range of different formats, including pellets, cubes, chopped and baled. Thanks to a well-established network of distributors and retail partners, you can be sure Standlee products are always available when and where you need them.

“At Standlee, we believe in putting the health and well-being of horses first by delivering the best nutrition and comfort through the highest-quality home-grown forage. Simply put, give them the best so they feel their best,” Standlee’s Marketing Program Manager Cambria Peterson said. “We are proud to support an organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the Paint Horse.”

APHA Director of Business Development Kurt Crawford shares in this excitement.

“We are so thrilled to have Standlee Premium Western Forage join us in our 2018 season. Our members appreciate the devotion Standlee Premium Forage takes in producing the best possible forage products for our animals. We are looking forward to a wonderful year with Standlee Premium Western Forage,” he said.

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