Shanell Ruter Show Horses, in Fargo, ND

January 30th, 2011 5:13 AM | 2 Comments

Shanell Ruter Show Horses, in Fargo, ND, is an All-Around training program specializing in Youth and Amateurs.

The successes derived from Shanell’s program are a direct result of consistency, dedication, and lots of practice! The horses are treated as athletes with a meticulous grooming, warm-up, and training schedule. Work ethic, persistence, and dedication of both trainer and rider offer an earned opportunity for clients to be the last one standing in the center of the arena. Riders are educated in a way in which they are able to prepare, ride, and show their horses both successfully and independently. Shanell is currently accepting both AQHA and APHA for training at this time. Visit Shanell’s website

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  1. Hi I was interested in your horse training,I have QH gelding that I just love, he is very very intelligent, and kind, extremly gentle gelding, I would like him finished with his training. He does well but needs some professional training to go further, let me know your rates and if you would be interested or have time to work with my gelding, and if you do you can let me know what direction he would excel in.
    thanks jamie

  2. I recently purchased a horse that you had – Joe Wanna Be My Mate. I absolutely love him but would like to know anything I can about him.

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