UPDATE – Breeding is Truly Not For the Faint of Heart

February 6th, 2012 8:30 AM | No Comments

Cruz and the team at Loomis Basin Veterinary - sharing a laugh...

UPDATE – An auction site has been set up to raise donations for Cruz’s care! http://fortheloveofcruz.weebly.com/

On it, you will find things like breedings to his dad VS Code Red and Hot Ones Only, and many more great items…

Diane Chapman of KD Alliance Paints, Somerset, California, is a breeder who has faced profound highs and lows during many foaling seasons.  Just days ago, Diane experienced one of those intense and frightening moments as her new foal, “Cruz” came into the world amidst birthing complications, or equine dystocia.  The foal, a beautiful, roan tobiano colt by VS Code Red, whose registered name will be “Spirit Of Vital Signs” has been struggling for survival with the help of the team at the Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic. Although he is making progress and is definitely not a quitter, his condition is not yet stable.

Chapman is grateful for everyone’s continued good thoughts and prayers, “Our ‘Spirit of Vital Signs’ or ‘Cruz’ has become the world’s baby.  We cannot thank enough all of our old and new friends for all of there continued prayers and financial support. It’s really just overwhelming.  Know we are doing all we can for this little guy and will try to make the best decisions for his future.  We are asking the Lord to help to guide us with these decisions so that we, and all of you, can feel at peace that we have given him every chance to thrive.  I have tried to answer every one of your wishes but may be missing some of you.  Please know that you matter and that we appreciate you.  Your prayers are enveloping our Cruz with God’s light and I hope that he chooses to keep him here with us.  We have already experienced a miracle as we are told his dam should be 100% and even doing so well they feel she will be OK to breed later in the year.  I would have never imagined this possible from what she went through.  God is great.”

All of that said, Chapman is quite heartbroken over all of this, and genuinely appreciates everyone’s good thoughts and prayers. In a message to PleasureHorse, Diane commented, “Breeding is truly not for the faint of heart.”

Visit Diane Chapman’s Facebook page for more information and to add a message to her at this difficult time.

The team at PleasureHorse.com sends our best wishes to Cruz, his dam and Diane.





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