Bradac Ranch Quarter Horses is Relocating

May 1st, 2012 12:20 PM | 4 Comments

The Bradacs new home in Ocala, Florida - Emerald Oaks

Bradac Ranch Moves to Florida!

After years of raising horses in the rugged badlands of southwestern North Dakota, Bradac Ranch has made the big decision to relocate their quarter horse operation to beautiful Ocala, Florida.  “We are looking forward to raising foals on green grass and sunshine,” says Kerry Bradac.  The breaking point was the spring of 2011, when Kerry could no longer take trying to foal out mares in sub zero temperatures with wind chills plummeting to more than 60 below zero.

“Not only was it bitterly cold, but the blizzards kept coming.  We’d just get dug out and then it would hit again.  There was so much snow, we were running out of places to even put it when we’d plow.”

The winter storms kept raging throughout the month of April.  Then in May, it flooded.  There was nowhere for all the runoff from the melting snow to go once the temperatures warmed up. The Little Missouri River was rising so fast in Marmarth, that they had evacuation plans in order.  Little Beaver Creek, below the Bradac’s house, was slowly rising towards their home and horse pastures.  What was once a quiet, babbling creek was as wide as a small lake and Kerry said the roar from the current was almost deafening.  “There are two roads out of our place. The one road washed out and the bridge on the second road compromised as the footings were washed away.  I was literally stranded here.  The only way out was with a 4-Wheeler.  Not a great feeling with mares foaling and young ones on the ground.  We also lost over 400 roundbales that were damaged by the flood waters.”

Originally, the Bradacs started looking at farms closer to home and their search kept expanding further and further south where they ended up buying a beautiful 60 acre horse farm off of 225A in Ocala.  “I honestly never thought about moving that far away from home, but after spending time in Ocala visiting my good friends Dennis and Anita Darnell and spending time with my trainers, Wayne and Judy Davis, I knew I really loved the area,” said Kerry.  “Gorgeous weather, wonderful people!”   Another selling point for the Bradacs was the fact that Ocala is home to some of the nation’s best vet clinics.  The area gets a lot of foot traffic from people coming to shop for horses, and the accessibility to shows!

Justin Kubiak

Joining them as their Ranch Manager in their new and exciting venture is Justin Kubiak, a young trainer from Ocala who grew up in North Carolina.  Justin has spent the past four years working with Shane Pope.

The team at sends our congratulations and best wishes to everyone at Bradac Ranch, in their new home!

4 Responses to “Bradac Ranch Quarter Horses is Relocating”

  1. Your new facility is beautiful and hopefully just what is needed for your horse business. Nothing is more of a put off concerning work with horses than weather, but at least our situation near Wichita,Ks. has never gotten that freakish! Yes, our little creek turned into pastures full of lake water several times and we have had minus 0 temps., tornado alerts as recently as last Friday, ice and snow storms, but our mares seem to have chosen good nights to foal from 1977 until present. Hopefully our next and last foal ( as we are in our 70′s )due in several weeks, will choose a bright sunny day/calm night for delivery?

  2. Thanks Marilyn. We are really excited about relocating our horse program. It has been an uphill struggle living where we live. I am so excited to be able to wake up and NOT chop ice out of water tanks and water buckets! It’s a great feeling knowing that my foals can go out and play in the sunshine without being dressed in all of the latest winter foal wear fashions from Schneiders. :)

  3. How close are you to Lambholm South, I believe it used to be “Wooden Horse Stud” back in the 80s, and was/is a thoroughbred racehorse farm, somewhat near Bo-Bett.

  4. Would like to get an email address for Justin. Interested in seeing what he has for sale right now. thank you

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