Horse Show Management & Rider Experience Just Took Several Strides Forward With New Addition to The FastShow Apps!

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indexScottsdale, AZ, March 7, 2019 – FunnWare Development has been disrupting the equestrian horse show industry with mobile apps for over 5 years. The software company’s original show management app, Horse Show Tracker, revolutionized the way management teams reported judges scores, scheduled classes and conveyed information to exhibitors, spectators, and announcers.
Committed to being the premier tool for equestrians to optimize their show experience, FunnWare is proud to announce the new FastShow™ Mobile Product Line.  This new technology includes FastAnnounce™ and can be integrated into most existing horse show office software. This mobile system allows instant communication from the horse show office to the announcers to the ring staff to the exhibitors with reduced radio chatter.

Rolled out at the Silver Dollar Circuit in Las Vegas and AzQHA’s Sun Circuit to rave reviews, it will soon be released to other Horse Show for Windows users. Other show management software can be integrated as well.

Contact the team at FunnWare to help your show office get the best mobile management tool available.

About Our Mobile Products:

⦁    CINCH Horse Show Tracker – real-time draws, results and more on iOS and Android
⦁    FastAnnounce™ – track real-time updates and accounting of entries
⦁    FastShowHelper™ – arena side tablet app working with FastAnnounce for immediate adds, scratches, changes, and results to classes
⦁    Judging – tablet handles scored and ranked classes showing entry counts (with support for AQHA leveling)
⦁    Gate Keeping – tablet handles check-ins, scratches, adds, and exhibitor changes along with entry counts

FastAnnounceViewTechnical Information:
⦁    100% mobile works in a WiFi environment; only one computer needs access to internet to use Horse Show Tracker
⦁    All mobile applications have customizable interface to work with most  horse show management software
⦁    Currently works with 5 different back office systems starting with the All American Quarter Horse Congress and Horse Show for Windows with the recent additions of RNSC, Barrel Race America and Team Rope America. More are in the works.
⦁    100% modern source code licensing available

About FunnWare Development

In business since 1987, FunnWare Development, LTD was created to help find fun solutions for a variety of problems while using diverse technologies. With combined software experience of over 45 years in the horse show industry and supporting over 15 different breeds, we are actively involved with helping set and/or review equine industry standards. Our integration with a broad spectrum of users from a variety of horse associations and shows provides us with a unique expertise.

What Are People Saying About Our Apps?

Horse Show Tracker App Store Review – “Genius”
Doug Huls – CEO, AzQHA and producer of Sun Circuit – “Saves time, keeps exhibitors happy, reduces the load on the office, makes my job easier!”
Dave Wolfe – President, Ranch Sorting National Championship – “Revolutionary…finished hours earlier each night”
Becky Dunning – Sun Circuit announcer and self-proclaimed technically challenged – “Quick to learn…very user friendly, cut my work load by 80%, tracked all my 8 concurrent classes easily!”
Taffy Wolf – Silver Dollar and Sun Circuit announcer – “Fantastic! I love it… so easy to see everything I needed to do my job.”

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