Live Online Bidding Offered and other Updates – U.S. v. Rita Crundwell Live Auction

September 19th, 2012 11:28 AM | 2 Comments

U.S. District Court-ordered Dispersal of Horses and Related Equipment in the United States of America v. Rita A. Crundwell.
The live auction in Dixon, Illinois is only four days away! Professional Auction Services has just released some update information for the sale to be held Sunday, September 23 and Monday, September 24.

Professional Auction Services, Inc. will provide a live streaming webcast of the auction and a separate stream for live online bidding.  Viewers and bidders can access both at

  • The live webcast can be viewed by everyone and is provided by Invica, LLC.
  • The online bidding stream is dedicated to registered bidders.  The bidding platform is provided by EDJE.

Additional Tack and Equipment will be sold

  • Sunday, September 23 at 10:00 – 11:00 AM
  • Monday, September 24 at 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

In addition to the Saddles being offered we will offer Bridles, Blankets, Sheets, Cylinder Fans, Porta-Cool Fans, 37 Canvas Sided STALLS, Stalls in the main barn,(2) Bobcats, Industrial Washer & Dryer, Hay Feeders, Panels and more!

Terms and Conditions that are listed in the auction catalog APPLY to the tack and equipment

Tack will not be offered for online bidding


Dixon, Illinois is preparing for a massive influx of horse buyers during the fourth weekend of September, when auction-goers will amass at Crundwell’s Red Brick Road farm, four miles from downtown Dixon.  Residents are hoping the sale will, at least in a small way, recoup some of the funds allegedly stolen from their town by Ms. Crundwell.

On the heels of an extremely successful online sale (Phase I of this dispersal), Professional Auction Services is very optimistic about the live auction.  Tim Jennings of PAS, commented, “The Marshals Service is very pleased with the results so far.  There seems to be an extremely high level of interest in this great set of horses.”

The staff at Professional Auctions has been given just over 60 days time to prepare for this dispersal sale, which includes 400 horses and a selection of saddles and other tack and horse related equipment.  “This has been a very fast turnaround process and an amazing experience for us.  Ultimately, it’s all about the livestock and the demand.  We are optimistic that the live sale will generate enthusiasm and excitement if it maintains the levels we’ve seen over the past two nights in the online auction,” said Jennings. “We are preparing to put 300 horses through the sale ring in Illinois.”

Information on the sale schedule can be seen below.  “Horses will NOT SELL in the order of the catalog,” said Tim Jennings.

Sunday Session – September 23

  • Saddles First
  • Performance Horses

Monday Session – September 24

  • Remaining Performance Horses
  • Show Halters
  • Halter Horses

The tack and horse related equipment has been released to sell, but it has not been determined when is will be sold over the weekend.  It WILL NOT be offered to online bidders.  Bidders must be present to buy.  The court order listed approximately 250 count of bridles, bits, reins and approximately 17 count of saddle pads, blankets and saddle covers.

Click here for the Live Auction Brochure.

Stay tuned to PleasureHorse for updates and onsite coverage during the sale.  Watch the Professional Auction Services website and both Facebook pages for details as they become available.

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  1. Am confused…first I saw horses will not be sold in order of hip numbers and this article says they will not be sold in the order cataloged. Help !! Will there be an actual catalog available for download, mail, or what ?? Do you have any idea when it will be available. Already have bidding number and only interested in halter horses.

  2. Trying to find out what time the auction begins on Sunday Sept. 24?

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