SmartPaks are Recycled & Recyclable

April 21st, 2017 9:27 AM | No Comments

Press Release

SmartPaks ReusedSince their early days, SmartPak has strived to provide innovative and convenient solutions for horse owners while always doing their best to be conscious of the environment. While it’s often the case that the convenience of individual, daily dose products use more wasteful packaging, the opposite is true with SmartPaks! That’s because the SmartPaks Supplement Feeding System was designed to help horse owners take the best care of their horses while also taking great care of the planet.

“When it comes to producing our SmartPaks, we maintain a high standard of work to remain green in our efforts while treading lightly on the earth,” said Sarah Mann, Vice President of Equine Health and Brand at SmartPak. “From every aspect of our manufacturing processes, all the way through to shipping orders out the door, we look for every way we can to reduce the amount of materials and waste we use.”

A Year of SmartPaksHere are just a few ways that SmartPak has minimized their environmental impact by subscribing to the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” philosophy of conservation:

Reduce -What many horse owners don’t realize is that SmartPaks actually use less plastic than buckets. SmartPakers measured it, and the plastic used for a 28-day supply of SmartPaks weighs 60% less than the plastic used for a 28-day bucket!

Reuse - The amount of plastic used to make SmartPaks isn’t the only way that they’re more earth-friendly than buckets. SmartPaks are made from recycled plastic (unlike buckets, which are usually made of virgin plastic), so the material is already on it second life.

Recycle - Finally, SmartPaks are made of #1 PET plastic (just like water bottles), which means they can be easily recycled again at most recycling centers. Many buckets are difficult to recycle, or not recyclable at all! 

“As riders ourselves, we want to protect the planet so we can all continue enjoying being out in beautiful green spaces with our horses,” Mann added. “That’s why we work hard to make SmartPaks readily recyclable, so it’s easy for our customers to opt for the recycling bin over the trash.”

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