PR Tells A Tale Introduces DGS Don’t Tell Tales

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PRTAT Logo Rev(1)The proof is in the offspring…that is the mantra that we breeders live by!  KS Quarter Horses are delighted to present DGS Don’t Tell Tales as an example of the type of horse that their stallion; PR TELLS A TALE is siring.

Long-time horsewoman and no stranger to finding and developing top performing prospects, Mary Jane Fowler, Fowler Performance Horses said she spent countless hours looking for her next show partner.  She was enamored by a pretty, big bay gelding that she thought embodied the type of individual she felt would be competitive in the English events she loves to ride in. His name was DGS Don’t Tell Tales.

DGS Don’t Tell Tales was produced by a combination of two lifetime breeding programs; Pryor Ranch and DeGraff Stables.  When asked about PR Tells A Tale, Judy Pryor explains, “my once in a lifetime horse was Just Espirit.  I always wanted her legacy to continue through a breeding program.  Vested Pine was the hot stallion at the time.  He was sorrel and so was my Deck Of Stars and I wanted a bay to promote, so I chose a performing son of Vested Pine; Vested Asset.  It didn’t hurt my program that Vested Asset was the full brother to Britney Pine; an AQHA World Champion in Western Pleasure.  So, this was my perfect cross for Just Espirit, and I was thrilled with the foal’s body type, movement and temperament as he grew.”

01-18 Charlie with Lanie in FL

DGS Dont Tell Tales with Lainie DeBoer

“His name was chosen; PR Tells A Tale, because when I am old and in the nursing home, I will be telling so many Tales about my horses.” She continues, “Along the way, children loved him.  They could pet and brush him and were writing little stories or tales about their experiences with horses so we made up t-shirts they could color and wear.  All with a message about being a good citizen.  My favorite was the shirt: Brush Your Teeth, Comb Your Hair, Clean Your Plate, Say Your Prayers!  It is really something when you can take your passion for breeding a World Class individual and be able to involve kids and transfer a love of horses to them.”

PR Tells A Tale was unshown because of Judy’s hectic breeding schedule, however that did not deter Robin at DeGraff Stables to look closely at the stallion’s pedigree packed with performers and the resulting individual.  “I thought that PR Tells A Tale had that great rhythmic lope I was looking for and a shoulder that allowed him to both jog and extend the trot.  While several people bred to him for an awesome western pleasure horse, for my program, I crossed him on my big appendix mares and have had much success with the outcome.  One such horse is DGS Don’t Tell Tales.

Mary Jane Fowler says, “I bought DGS Don’t Tell Tales, aka Dillon, as a three year old. After spending the first year working on his flatwork and lead changes we moved on to his jumping. Having worked for Lainie DeBoer at the Congress and World Show, Lainie was my choice to make Dillion’s hunter debut in Florida.  He was green but showed us great promise. His next show was in April in Oaklahoma City at the Spring Circuit where he was Circuit Champion in Progressive Working Hunter and Junior Hunter Hack and Reserve Circuit Champion in Junior Working Hunter.  It was exciting!”  

KS Quarter Horses owned by Shane and Kelsey Doughman recently purchased the AQHA stallion PR Tells A Tale.  “Owning a stallion is a new experience for both of us” Kelsey says.  “We met Judy Pryor a few years ago and purchased a filly, PR Fairytales, by PR Tells A Tale.  From day one, we have been so pleased with how easy she was to start and her sweet disposition.  As many know, this is not uncommon for horses from Judy’s breeding program.  We have been able to follow many other offspring of PR Tells A Tale and have heard people praising their ease of training, great movement, and great disposition.  When we were given the opportunity to buy PR Tells A Tale, we jumped on it.  PR Tells A Tale was in our barn for a few months before heading to DeGraff stables to stand for the 2018 breeding season.  Not being very familiar with stallions, we were delighted with how easy he has been to handle, and just like his offspring, he has an amazing disposition and quickly became a barn favorite.”

“While it takes time to let those foals grow and mature in order to prove a stallion; we couldn’t be happier with how they are turning out and to have this opportunity to connect with owners of the offspring of PR Tells A Tale and to participate in their future.”  


PR Tells A Tale

According to Mary Jane, “DGS Don’t Tell Tales will be shown at a few AQHA circuits and hunter shows this summer.  My plan is to have Dillon seasoned enough to be really ready for Congress and the World Show. He is a very special horse and his wonderful disposition makes him a pleasure to train and show. He has the movement to win the Hunter Under Saddle as well as the fence classes.”

We will all be watching from the stands and rooting for this exceptional team to reach great heights!  Good luck Mary Jane Fowler, Lainie DeBoer and DGS Don’t Tell Tales!

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