New Exclusive Supplements and Lower Prices

March 31st, 2017 12:49 PM | No Comments

Press Release

23208_PCP (002)Helping support a healthy horse just got easier. SmartPak is excited to announce that it has added four new exclusive formulas to its lineup, available in both SmartPaks and buckets, and has also lowered prices on five best-selling SmartSupplements.

“At SmartPak, we work hard to deliver innovative solutions for our customers and their horses,” said Sarah Mann, Vice President of Equine Health and Brand. “We always strive to add something new and exciting to our supplement line, and we’re excited to be bringing so many new supplements to the table, all of which have something unique to offer. These new formulas are available in the SmartPaks supplement feeding system, which not only guarantees accurate dosing every time, but also ensures that you are feeding the freshest supplements every day.”

The newest addition to SmartPak’s exclusive line of SmartSupplements™ is SmartOmega 3 & ETM Ultra. This unique formula is ideal for supporting overall health and wellness in all horses, but especially those without consistent access to quality pasture. SmartOmega 3 & E Ultra provides high levels of quality omega 3 fatty acids from flax seed, chia seed, and fish oil. It also includes 1,500 IU of natural vitamin E to support immune and overall health. Natural vitamin E is a highly bioavailable form that is readily absorbed and utilized by the horse, as show in our recent study. This supplement is an excellent value at just $19.95 per month in SmartPaks.

23231_PCP (002)SmartPak has also added two new formulas to its value-priced  Leg Up™ line of supplements – Leg Up Stomach Pellets and Leg Up Combo Pellets. Designed with fundamental ingredients to support healthy horses, Leg Up supplements deliver great value at an affordable price. Leg Up Stomach Pellets support stomach health and help buffer excess gastric acid, while Leg Up Combo Pellets provide all-in-one support for joint, hoof, digestive, and coat health. Both supplements are available in pellet form starting at just $13.99 and $26.99 per month, respectively. 

Finally, SmartPak has added a new formula called 99% Fat by SmartPak to its lineup. This palatable formula provides fat in an easy-to-feed vanilla-flavored powder, which is less messy than common oil fat supplements. Powdered fat is also a convenient solution to feed all year long because it does not freeze in the winter, and won’t turn rancid in the summer. 99% Fat is ideal for horses needing extra calories for weight gain or performance, or those who require a high-fat diet, such as those horses with PSSM.

And because SmartPak works hard to make your life in the barn not just easier, but more affordable, they have also recently lowered their prices on five best-selling SmartSupplements in SmartPaks. These supplements include SmartHoof® Pellets, SmartCalm® Ultra Pellets, SmartBug-Off® Pellets, SmartLytes® Pellets, and SmartSalt® Pellets. These new low prices are just one way SmartPak delivers even greater value to its customers. Check them all out today at 

To learn more about all of the new supplements available, or to get your horse started on SmartPaks today, visit or call 1-800-461-8898 and speak to one of SmartPak’s supplement experts for a free consultation.


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