Latest News on Western Pleasure Super Sires Program: Event Announced!

July 8th, 2013 8:11 AM | No Comments

press release

The newly voted in Western Pleasure Super Sire Committee would like to thank each and every stallion owner that made the right decision to stand strong through the “re-organization” process that we have been undertaking for the past few months. As the original committee members welcomed the newly appointed committee members, we assure you that we are organized, focused and headed in the positive direction that we have been aiming for since the beginning…as stated in the WPSS Mission Statement:

Western Pleasure Super Sires seeks to foster Western Pleasure riders of all skill levels in all competitions and support the breeding of quality bloodlines for future Western Pleasure show horses for those riders. The Western Pleasure Super Sires will showcase the offspring of this exclusive Western Pleasure stallion program for cash and other prizes in an annual competition for riders of all skill levels. Western Pleasure Super Sires is committed to promoting modern Western Pleasure riding for all riders and quality Western Pleasure bloodlines for all breeds.

The following are the select group of OUTSTANDING stallions that are now the foundation of the WESTERN PLEASURE SUPER SIRE Program:

  • A Sudden Holiday
  • How Bout This Cowboy
  • A Touch of Sudden
  • Hubba Hubba Huntin
  • Blazing Hot
  • Nite Moves
  • Diesel Only
  • One Hot Invitation
  • Extremely Hot Chips
  • One N Only
  • Gettin Impulsive
  • Presidential Order
  • Good I Will Be
  • Too Sleepy To Zip
  • Hotroddin Zippo
  • VS Code Blue

The Stallion Owners and Committee Members are very excited to be a part of the inaugural event that WILL BE HELD AT THE 2013 REICHERT CELEBRATION!! There will be a GUARANTEED minimum payout of $80,000 and bonus money for Novice Non Pro riders, Limited Non Pro riders, Color horses, Breeders and Home-Bred Owner/Riders. The WPSS will hold two classes at the 2013 Reichert Celebration, a 3 Year Old Non-Pro Western Pleasure Class and a 3 Year Old Limited Non-Pro Western Pleasure Class. We have some sponsors lined up for terrific prizes and awards and will continue to seek more to make this event memorable!

Rules and Bylaws for the WPSS Program have been created and can be found on our BRAND New Website All of the information for the inaugural event at the 2013 Reichert Celebration, including minimum class payouts, bonus payouts, entry information and forms, will be available on the website also. Check out the Western Pleasure Super Sires Facebook page!

 If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the WPSS Committee members!

Russ Louderback Chairman 317-509-2997

Liz Hay Executive Director 336-462-2738

Joan Schroeder Treasurer 940-727-3474

Reeves Moore Secretary 210-757-4514

Gil Galyean 405-641-8124

John Wainscott 513-226-6839

Eric Peterson 940-367-7308

Stephen Stephens 940-682-4622

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