Inclusive vs. Prestigious

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[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal]

[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal]

Have you ever wondered, “Who makes AQHA’s rules?” The answer is not anyone who works at AQHA Headquarters in Amarillo. Rules are proposed, discussed and passed by AQHA members. And any member can potentially change our Association.

We are proud to be governed by our members, and we are proud to affect changes that bring more value to AQHA membership and more involvement in our great industry.

Watch this video from the 2017 AQHA Convention for a great explanation of how AQHA governance works. The final step for most rule changes includes a review by the AQHA Executive Committee, which is made up of five member-elected, volunteer AQHA members.

There are several opinions regarding the Executive Committee’s most recent decision to eliminate qualifying point requirements for participating in the AQHA Level 1 Championships. Some have argued that it will reduce the prestige of the Level 1 Championships and others have stated that it will reduce the numbers of entries at regional and area qualifying events, both of which may be valid points.


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  1. I personally showed at the Farnam level one championships this year in Oklahoma. I was very impressed with the competition, everyone did well and I feel like my achievements really mean something. I understand the problems AQHA is facing whether or not to make qualifing for the level one championships a requirement or not. Personally I think that it does discourage people just starting to show AQHA because they have to show under 20 judges or having to receive points in their class, which is hard. I should know because I have only been showing at AQHA shows since 2013/14. However by making people qualify means that the people and horses there at the show are committed to showing. Of course this can go both ways and I know how expensive AQHA shows are compared to open or local shows. Again another deteurment to​ to new members. What I propose is that if people meet the requirements that were needed to qualify for the 2017 show, these people get their first 3-5 classes paid for or $200(roughly) off their stall for the show. This would encourage people who want to attend the level 1 championships to show more locally, thus helping state associations and AQHA. This way everyone can still participate in the level 1 championships but it provides perks or benefits for people who “qualify”
    Thank you

    Madison Floden
    Carlos MN

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