At Your Service – at the Reichert

August 30th, 2012 8:40 AM | No Comments

The showgrounds at the Will Rogers Complex in Ft. Worth are buzzing today, in anticipation of the 2012 Reichert Celebration, which kicks off tomorrow, August 31!  Show management is excited to announce two new services available to exhibitors this year:

Pony Horse Service

If you are in need of some help exercising your horses, pony horses and riders are available to help you.  Let someone else do the work for you at $25 for a 30 minute session, or $100 for the day, and you provide the rider.

The Pony Horse Service will be available at the parking lot arena which is east of the Coliseum and north of the Burnett Building, and is available 24/7, August 27 through September 8.  Contact Dustin Korlenski at 940-206-8738 to schedule.


Horses For Sale Demonstration Pen

Do you ever want to know if a particular horse is for sale? Check out the Horses For Sale Demonstration Pen!  Come sit under the tent, enjoy some refreshments and watch what they can do…

This service will also be held at the parking lot arena east of the Coliseum, and will have a tent with seating and refreshments available.  Sponsored by the Reve family, A Certain Vino, and Darcy Designs, the Horses for Sale Demonstration Pen will provide show records, videos and other pertinent information on all horses for sale.

Anyone interested in this opportunity to showcase horses they have for sale should bring show records, videos, YouTube information, website information, and any additional information about their horse.  For questions or additional information, contact Linda Conti at 314-378-5812.  Numbers will be provided for each horse and information about him/her will be at the buyers fingertips throughout the event.  Available throughout the duration of the Celebration – August 31 – September 9.  Cost is $50/horse to promote.

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