Arizona Sun Circuit Results Online

January 30th, 2012 11:21 AM | No Comments

The Arizona Sun Circuit, sponsored by the Arizona Quarter Horse Association, kicked off Saturday, January 28 in Scottsdale.  According to some onsite sources, the weather is stunning!  In fact, the following words are being used to describe the first day of showing… “Beautiful.  Great.  Fantastic.  Warm.  Sunny.  Blue skies.”

OK, enough about the weather – what’s happening at the SHOW?  PleasureHorse is hearing reports that the numbers are great.  The first S/C show total entries were about 2500 per judge in all divisions.  Even with the drop of three horses per exhibitor, classes are still fantastic.  Saturday night at 8:00 pm, there were 45 in the Select Horsemanship.  According to Anne Flessner of Valley Oaks Quarter Horses, “Pleasure was very good sized and there were a lot of great pleasure horses in the pen!  The Junior Western Pleasure was a great class to watch – Huntin Big Dreams, Blazing My Troubles Away, What’s Cookin Good Lookin, just to name a few!”

Click here to view draws, scribe sheets and RESULTS provided by Mark Harrell Horse Shows.  Visit the Sun Circuit website to view a live video feed of Arenas 4 and 6 and the Equidome.


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