AQHA Continues to Monitor Rita Crundwell Case

April 20th, 2012 4:44 PM | 7 Comments

Photo by the American Quarter Horse Journal

By now, most of the Quarter Horse show industry have heard about the arrest of leading breeder and exhibitor Rita A. Crundwell on Tuesday, April 17. Understandably, many AQHA members who have bred mares to Crundwell’s stallions are concerned about what, if any, impact Crundwell’s arrest will have on obtaining breeder’s certificates or processing any other registration-related documents that may require her signature. Because it is so early in the judicial process, it’s impossible to predict the exact outcomes and how they could potentially impact any business.

While they are dependent upon a number of things — including the outcome of the case, any court orders that are issued and notifications from law enforcement and regulatory agencies – AQHA does have procedures to process registrations at the direction of courts, legal authorities and representatives appointed by them. However, please note that as of April 19, AQHA does not know how Crundwell’s case will impact registrations of her stallions’ foals.

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7 Responses to “AQHA Continues to Monitor Rita Crundwell Case”

  1. How sad this person had to steal to have her dream. Having a horse has always been my dream but my parents were not well to do. My first horse was an old trusty mare that was given to me because she was so old. What a great first horse. God has since blessed me with quality AQHA show horses beyond my means. I am a horse artist and often trade a painting for horses, saddles, and other items that teacher’s pay could never afford.

  2. All those exhibitors that received second place with Rita winning the class were robbed of first place because if not for stolen money she would not have been there to show.

  3. This is a sad statement for humanity; that someone can be so greedy as to steal from others in an economy and time where we should be looking out for one another, not stealing from one another. And for what? A pretty trophy? What a pathetic ego and sense of entitlement. I’m glad this woman has been exposed as the fraud and liar that she is. I hope AQHA strips her of her titles and awards as any other sport on this planet would be. She is a disgrace to herself, this sport and for all humanity. Shame on her.

  4. How did this woman sleep at night? How does one look at trophies on their mantle and not feel some guilt or remorse that they were ‘bought’ with stolen money? Ms. Crundwell has got some guts but zero morals and ethics, that’s for sure. I’m certain there were more people involved that knew what she was up to. Family members etc. Anyone in the horse business knows you don’t make that much cash with a breeding operation with overhead that high. What a ruse.

  5. Rita Crundwell had really really good horses for many years
    prior to 2006.She bred a good many of them. She was wonderful to deal with at the farm.It is really unforunate that to have a first class operation she felt she had to resort to this.

  6. The titles the animals were awarded should stand. The horses no concept of money, only of doing what they have been trained to do. Any awards, titles, accolades given to Ms. Crundwell should be revoked, with all hardware being forfeited as the courts see fit. The titles the horses have earned will make them more valuable, and will bring a better sale price, which will be necessary to recoup some of the monies taken from the city of Dixon.

  7. With the cost to the U.S. Marshals to maintain the herd until sale at over $200,000 per month, and the state of the economy, I believe that the people of Dixon will see less than a million $ returned after the sale of all of her assets.

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