2018 Congress Super Sale to Offer Over 200 Exceptional Horses.

October 18th, 2018 12:24 PM | No Comments


The Congress Super Sale is managed by Mike and Stephanie Jennings, of Professional Horse Services, LLC from Round Hill, VA.   For more information on the Super Sale go to the Congress Super Sale Facebook page or https://prohorseservices.com/2018/2018-congress-super-sale/

Over 200 horses will be offered through the 2018 Congress Super Sale.   Many top show horses, prospects and breeding stock will be available in one place to inspect, try-out and purchase.

The CoughlinAuto.com Preview of Super Sale Horses will be held on FRIDAY, October 19th, in the Sale Ring, INSIDE the Lausche Building.  The Preview Starts At 12 Noon.  Coughlin Automotive is sponsoring a FREE Lunch during the Preview.



The Congress Super Sale Features the 3rd Annual Congress Super Sale Western Pleasure Yearling Sale Stakes Session with 119 prospects offered.  The 2018 auction includes the NEW Hunter Under Saddle Yearling Sale Stakes with 24 prospects. These Yearlings can be eligible to show in the 2019 Congress Super Sale Stakes classes.

 A TOTAL PURSE of $72,250 will be awarded in the 2nd Annual SALE STAKES WESTERN PLEASURE CLASSES, which will be featured at the Congress on Friday evening, October 19th in the Celeste Arena.  The Open and Non Pro Western Pleasure classes are NSBA approved.

Round pens are available to shop horses under the tent and in the outdoor riding area North of the Lausche Building. 

Sale catalogs, substitute information and sale horse location charts will be available in the Lausche building or the Professional Horse Services booth at the Southwest end of Congress Hall and OQHA booths.  

 There will be a live webcast of the Sale Preview and the Congress Super Sale.  To view the webcast, download a sale catalog or view the online preview of sale horses with photos and videos go to https://prohorseservices.com/2018/2018-congress-super-sale/


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