ITEM: 5 LB DAC Cool Gut

195-310Item: 5 LB DAC Cool Gut 

Donor: Greg & Kathy Kaeding 

Value: $35.00

Minimum Bid: $15.00

Increments: $5.00

Description: Cool Gut – For mature horses in support of gastric health that may be compromised with normal stress-associated exercise and training. Supports normal stomach pH, also helps support protective layers of the bowel. 

Each 3 oz serving contains 10,000 mg calcium carbonate, 10,000 mg l-glutamine, 10,000 mg saccharomyces cerevisiae, 6,000 mg MOS, 3,000 mg whey protein concentrate, 1,500 mg FOS, 1,000 mg glycine and 425 mg DHA.

Shipping: Donated