Item: 2 Schneider’s Foal Saver Blankets

16012c.a.detailItem:  2 Schneider’s Foal Saver Blankets

Donor: Kerry Bradac and Open For Suggestions 

Value: $100.00

Minimum Bid: $35.00

Increments: $5.00 

Description:  2 Schneider’s foal saver blankets. You pick size and color

  • Prevents hypothermia in the critical first days; essential for breeders in cold climates.
  • Made with Tekno-Dri® lining to help finish drying the newborn’s coat at birth.
  • Additional layers of polar fleece and fiberfill insulation for warmth and moisture transport; outer cover is high count cotton to withstand repeated washings.
  • Expandable Velcro front to expand as the foal grows, stretch shoulder for comfort and bellyband fastening for warmth and coverage.

Shipping: Donated 


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