NCEA Coaches Caucus Is A Success

December 4th, 2014 10:21 AM | No Comments

The National Collegiate Equ

[photo credit: NCEA]

[photo credit: NCEA]

estrian Association head coaches returned Wednesday from a two-day caucus in Dallas with an action plan designed to successfully position collegiate equestrian within the National Collegiate Athletics Association structure. As a result of this meeting, short- and long-term goals were identified and appropriate strategies employed to address the Committee on Women’s Athletics’ recommendation to remove equestrian from the NCAA emerging sports list. The CWA decision was based on not adhering to the suggested 10-year timeline stipulated for emerging sports to reach 40 sponsoring institutions.  

In addition to the strategies, the NCEA has added to its executive board the positions of vice president of fundraising, vice president of communications and vice president of sport advancement.  The executive board will be engaging the many supporters of equestrian to directly support the current universities, future universities and operation of NCEA. 

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