Minding Your P’s In Showmanship

February 27th, 2017 12:10 PM | No Comments

[source: the Silver Dollar Circuit]

[photo credit: the Silver Dollar Circuit]

[photo credit: the Silver Dollar Circuit]

We went to the experts and asked them for their best tips and tricks for success in Showmanship.  This is what the shared:

Kelly Hinely- “It’s like a dance with your horse; the more you practice it, the better you are with your partner.”

Andrea Kail- “Be precise, know your pattern, and practice.  The three P’s.”

Jim Searles- ” A lot is based on the very first impression when you walk in the pen.  Showmanship is so up close and personal so that first impression is a huge deal…and your pattern.”

Brad Jewett- “There should be no tricks.  Your feet move, your horse’s feet move.  The horse should be straight and balanced the whole time.  The horse should be a prop, in other words, you should not feel like the horse doesn’t interfere.  They should move seamlessly with you.”

Robin Jung- “Showmanship should be like your first job interview.  You should be confident in yourself, as far as being confident in what you are capable of doing.  Don’t be someone you are not; and don’t expect any more of yourself or your horse than what they can give you at that particular time.  Just like in a job, don’t interview to be a cook when what you really want to be is an engineer.  The same goes for your horse and yourself, make sure you are capable of doing the pattern that you are asked for that day.  I am very key on stops.  Showmanship should be very much about straight and precise with great stops and when you get up to the judge, the setups.  Showmanship all stems from halter.  Its very important that your setups are straight and correct.

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