Facebook For Equine Business: A Yellow Barn Media Breakdown

September 20th, 2013 5:08 PM | 1 Comment

Just about everyone is on Facebook these days, making it the second most visited site in the world. There are lots of things that Facebook can do for your business- be it training, breeding, lessons, boarding, veterinarian, farrier, you name it!

Facebook has set up a way for people to not only have their own personal account, but to promote their business as well, in a “page.”  Jamie Clark of Yellow Barn Media, one of our newest partners, is helping the equine business owner understand how to use Facebook to promote and interact with other members of the equine industry on Facebook. She breaks it down into helpful videos to explain the difference between your personal account and your business page.

We’re excited to share Jamie’s insights as part of our commitment to making a significant and positive impact to your business.  To see more of what Jamie has to offer, check out her blog and website here!

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  1. Your video on Facebook interaction is wonderful. I have been wondering how to do that, what a blessing to find this blog.

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