Cold-Weather Horse Care: Tips to Remember

January 7th, 2015 3:17 PM | No Comments
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Some parts of the country are bracing for a cold start to 2015. Here are a few cold-weather horse care tips to remember as winter carries on.

By this time of the year, your horses should have had plenty of time to develop winter coats to insulate themselves against cold winds and temperatures. However, if you’ve provided extra protection with blankets, you’ll want to continue until the weather warms up.

Remember that even with a blanket, horses exposed to rain, wind, and cold temperatures will be prone to chilling. When these conditions prevail, your horses will need access to some type of shelter. This could be a barn, shed, or simply a windbreak.

Assess your horse’s comfort level several times each day, noting the temperature and conditions when you do. Is he shivering? If blanketed, is he sweating? Don’t be afraid to change blankets during the day, or bring your horse inside if he’s seeming very cold. Ensure your horse remains appropriately prepared for the weather from the start to the end of each day.

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