Brittle Hooves and Losing Shoes

by Dr. Lydia Gray | February 4th, 2013 1:51 PM | No Comments

Q. Dear Dr. Gray: My eight-year-old Quarter Horse mare competes in western pleasure. I’ve noticed that she’s losing shoes frequently and her hooves are brittle. What should I look for in a hoof supplement?

– C. G., Aberdeen, NC

A. Dear C.G.: There are two ways to improve hoof quality: from the inside and from the outside.

Inside: Begin with good quality hay or pasture and supply the rest of your mare’s daily nutritional needs with fortified grain, a ration balancer or a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. Because of genetics, location, type of use and other factors, some horses (like yours) may need supplementation beyond their normal diet to grow a healthy hoof. Biotin, Lysine and Methionine, as well as Zinc, Copper and other nutrients have been shown to improve both the growth rate and quality of the hoof wall.

Outside: A regular trimming schedule and a consistent environment are crucial to maintaining good, sound feet. Constantly changing from wet to dry to wet may be harder on hooves than an environment that has too much moisture or not enough. Avoid these situations whenever possible and consider topical hoof products that create a barrier to moisture changes.

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