The Donkeys are Coming

DonkeyRace_ AD Tom POWERS1_18 (003)On Thursday June 28th, the donkeys will again be in the spotlight at the Tom Powers Triple Challenge Futurity.

This event was a highlight of the 2017 show, Teams were auctioned off in a calcutta before the event to raise funds for the NSBA Crisis Fund.  This special event is hosted by the National Snaffle Bit Association’s Foundation.

At the 2017 event over $23,000 was raised for the fund to help provide support for NSBA professionals in tmes of crisis. While the halarity of the donkey race keeps everyone’s spirits high and makes for a great eening,  the work of the NSBA Foundation is truly forefront in all attendees minds as the bidding begins.

We hope to see the 2018 event surpass the 2017 event in all ways. Stay tuned for more on the funds raised, donkey antics, team outfits and perhaps even some live video!


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