Sun Circuit NSBA Donkey Race Raises over 14K for NSBA Trainers Crisis Fund

DSC07477If you follow our page on Facebook, you probably saw the fun video we posted live last night from the Sun Circuit of the NSBA Donkey Race. This event may seem like a lot of shenanigans (Which it is) but at the heart of the event is the desire to raise money for trainers in need.

The NSBA Crisis fund was developed to help trainers who are NSBA members in times of crisis with  financial need arising from sudden hardship or disaster such as fire or flood or from serious physical illness or injury. If you have been in this industry long enough you will probably know a trainer who has been helped by this fund.

The principle of the donkey race is simple enough (in thoery). Create a team – sign a release – enter the race – strap on a helmet – choose a donkey – ride said donkey around a track – and then do it all again in the hopes that your team comes out on top.  Oh and most importantly strut your stuff in the calcutta to raise top dollar for your team!

DSC07470At the Sun Circuit ten teams were brave enough to enter and the contest was tough between the teams which included:  The High Flying’ Asses, CNN Mortgage, Smart Asses, Haulin’ Asses, The Winning Team, Don Quijotes, D Designs Donkey Dazzlers, Hilljack Asses, Donkey Kong Gone Wrong, and The Hard Asses.

From trainers to judges these donkeys had some of the nations most talented riders on their backs! The donkeys proved to be often ranker than any colt but the talented riders made their way around the course.DSC07435

At the end of the night the victorious team was D Designs Donkey Dazzlers purchased in the calcutta by Kent Taylor. The Donkey Dazzlers featured a skilled team of donkey whisperers including Leslie Lange, Jeff Mellott, Jill Gomes, Mariko Mueller and Brad Ost.  While the Donkey Dazzlers’ took home the win and the bragging rights the true prize was in the over 14,000 raised for the NSBA Trainers Crisis Fund and the awareness events like this bring this exceptional charity.

If you find yourself in need of a laugh watch the DONKEY RACE VIDEO HERE


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