Sun Circuit 2018 – Meet Bubba

George Ranzou with Trainers – Matt Mills, Tyson Randall & Lee Bielefeldt

George Ranzou with Trainers – Matt Mills, Tyson Randall & Lee Bielefeldt

by Dixie Lee

It is impossible not to notice Bubba anywhere he goes.  This gorgeous 9 year old Quarter Horse gelding is very popular with his owners, trainers & fans.  He stands out among the reiners not just because of his fabulous color but the muscle and bone on this larger than average reiner is impressive.  It was the horse I picked to interview, and uncovered the most heart warming story about George, the team at Arizona Sun Circuit and his trainer, Matt Mills.

George & Camille Ranzau hail from Findlay, Ohio – at least seasonally.  They call Arizona home during the winter and have been showing at the Arizona Sun Circuit for 12 years.  George claims Rawhide Whiz Kid (Bubba) as his wife’s horse but the affection they all have for Bubba is clearly evident and I suspect Bubba could have his own fan club.  I missed George’s ride in Select Reining however the best of the story is yet to come.

 Just a few short years ago, George was showing in a reining class when he stopped in the middle of his ride.  Trainer Matt Mills was stunned – the pattern George was laying down was a good one!  But it didn’t take Matt long to realize something was wrong and he made it to the horse & rider just in time to break George’s fall off his horse.  George suffered a massive heart attack during his ride and his heart had stopped!

 There was a few angels watching out for George that day.  Fortunately, a paramedic was onsite and within 2 minutes, George’s heart was started with an AED.  And the rest, as they say, is history…..  The quick actions of the paramedics saved George’s life that day and he’s back showing at Arizona Sun Circuit with his wife, horse and friends!




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