Solving Winter Water Woes

November 20th, 2018 2:11 PM | No Comments

winter_horsejpegFrozen buckets, heaters tossed out of troughs by playful horses, chipping through ice, hauling endless buckets to the barn – these are all familiar to horse owners during the winter. Make this the year that you get a leg up on old man winter and install solutions for your wintertime water woes.

The easiest and hassle-free option to consider is an automatic waterer. Top of the line waterers feature rugged, insulated polyethylene or stainless-steel units with designs that seal cold air away from the high capacity valves. Options such as thermostatically controlled heat, self-regulated heaters, immersion heaters and digital water meters are typically available.

fountultrasingle-02The best-selling automatic waterers are made by Ritchie Industries, Inc., the company that invented automatic waterers in 1921. The Classic Equine by Ritchie waterers are specifically engineered to meet the rigorous standards that horse owners demand. 

“There’s nothing worse than breaking ice or doing maintenance on a waterer when it is freezing outside,” said Tyler Yantis, sales manager at Ritchie Industries, Inc. “The Classic Equine by Ritchie products offer a durable, quality fount that is energy efficient and eliminates the hassle of most common maintenance chores.We have individual stall mount models, portable models and models designed for up to 40 head of horses. We offer digital water meter options on every model to monitor intake because we know how important water is to overall horse health. We have a winter watering solution for every horse farm and every budget. Your horse deserves fresh, clean, temperature-controlled water on demand.”

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