Dana Hokana Mega Summer Sale- Save $200!

August 1st, 2014 12:45 PM | No Comments

danahokanasaleimagewebYou’ve read the articles, you’ve used the training tips…

Now, you can own the entire DVD series for an incredible price.

For a Limited Time only, Dana Hokana is offering the complete Winning Strides DVD collection for $200 less than retail price.  Here is your chance to own the DVD series that Jim Campbell, the host of the Horseman’s Radio Weekly says “in my opinion, the Winning Strides videos are the best that I’ve seen”.

In this amazing Full Collection Special, you will receive all 19 of Dana’s DVDs used by universities and horse judging teams all over the country.  These titles cover a wide range of topics and provide valuable information for riders of all levels. 

From transitioning your horse from a snaffle to a curb bit, common show ring cheats and fixes, to exercises that tune up your neck reining skills, these DVDs have all of the answers that you have been looking for, and much more.  Don’t miss out on your chance to have access to Dana Hokana’s tried and tested techniques.

In addition to the discounted full collection, individual sets are currently offered at a 25% discount providing the perfect opportunity to complete your collection.

hokanaHere is what people are saying:

Since I started watching your DVD’s I have gained a new understanding on communicating with my horse in order to not only get my point across, but also to understand what my horse is saying to me. I  learned how to watch for the little cheat and to correct it before it turned into an obvious one.  Your insights as to what can go wrong and how to fix it before it becomes a major problem has changed the way I work my horse and I now have a purpose while I school.  –Sabine Donovan

What a tremendous help Dana’s videos and clinics have been.  Dana has an incredible ability to communicate.  I had shown my mare 5 years ago and only point ½ of a point on her.  When I brought her back I used Dana’s training techniques.  The difference was amazing and I was able to put 5 points during a single weekend show! I can’t wait to take her to a show again.  -Kim Blunt

 I can’t believe the information that these DVD’s contain.  There is a lifetime of horse training in this collection.  As a horse trainer, I have based my entire program in the things that I have learned from Dana’s DVDs and my horses are performing like never before and winning everywhere we go show.  Her abilities as a teacher make things so clear and it all makes so much sense!  Thank you.  -Anonymous

I was trying to find a cure for my daughters show horse.  He was never great at his self-carriage and had started four beating while being shown.  Watching your videos has really helped give me the exercises to work through these problems and maintain a higher level of training with her horse.  We are not going to a trainer right now so this has been a wonderful way to gain the tools I needed to help me train myself.  Thanks again.  -Jan

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