Are Nutritional Deficiencies Keeping Your Horse From Show Ring Success?

April 11th, 2016 12:04 PM | No Comments

carousel1If you have been thinking about doing a Horse Hair Analysis now is the time.

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I just wanted to let you know how my horse is doing so far on the Chelation Therapy. I have not changed anything else in his diet or his care. He has been on it for 6 weeks now and this is what I have seen so far.

1. Shedding out quickly. I have owned this horse since he was 3 and he has always been a late shedder. End of June before he is shed out. Right now he is almost completely slicked out. I can hardly tell where I had traced clipped him.

2. His mane is growing very quickly. Typically he would grow ½ inch of mane (bridle path) in about 6 months. I clipped his bridal path when I sent in the hair analysis and he has already grown in ½ of mane in 6 weeks. Wow.

3. He has had an eye issue for the past 7 years. A lot of tearing running down his face. He has been treated with many types of eye drops over the years, but he only clears up for a period of time and the runny eye comes back. I have been treating it lately (before starting the Chelation) with Vetrycin eye gel. As of 3 weeks ago, his eye has completely cleared up. In fact both of his eyes look brighter and clearer than they have in years.

4. He did not like being touched any where around the chest shoulder area. If I reached under his blankets to see how warm he is he would squeal and sometimes try to bite. This has been getting progressively worse in the last 2 years. He did not like being cinched. Pinning his ears and giving you the evil eye. He has had regular chiropractic care but has not made any difference. Saddle fits well, no sores. About 2 weeks ago I noticed he did not seem to mind being cinched up. In fact, he no longer even looks at me when I am cinching him. Also, he no longer cares about me sticking my hand under his blanket to check him.

5. His energy levels have gone up. I typically ride him 5 days a week. Lots of trail riding in hills and deep sand. He would do as I ask but I just did not feel like he had any energy. It has happened so slowly that I really did not realize there was a problem. In the last 2 weeks he does not get tired anymore. I have taken him “dune running” for about 2 miles. Kinda like the man from Snowy River. Steep hills, deep sand. Usually the next day he is done for. I took him out last week and the next day and he was ready to go “dune running” again. I did not push it but what a joy to have my energetic boy back. He is 17 years old but acting like he is 3.

I am totally excited about the results so far. Every day seems like something new shows up that I did not even realize there was an issue. I have been telling everyone about the HHA and encouraging them to get it done. I know they will be as surprised and happy as I am. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful program.

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