Update on Cookie the SuperMare: the Big Mare with a Bigger Heart

September 12th, 2013 7:10 AM | No Comments

Living the good life!

Do you remember Cookie, the SuperMare? We fist met Cookie in March, the Pine View Farms savior mare who took on the double duty of nurse mare for two foals- one who had been rejected and the other whose mother had to be put down.  The Lazy Loper filly and Invitation Only colt grew quickly, with wonderful Cookie care and bottle feedings from the great staff at Pine View. To read the beginning of the story, click here!

We got an update from Farm Manager Debbi Trubee about the two. “Both babies are weaned. Well kinda…I don’t have the heart to separate them from each other!” she laughs. “They are out with the other weanlings now, and Cookie is thankfully on her own again. What a job that mare did for us!”

Tee Nee Bit Lazy

Cookie passed along more than just a motherly touch to the foals. “Cookie, being the piggy she is, would take her big ole’ foot and conk it against the creep feeder that was in the stall so she could flip the grain up the edge to get her big fat lips in there to eat,” she chuckles. “it wasn’t anytime at all that Tee Nee Bit Lazy started doing the same thing! Bad Cookie!”

“It totally made me teary eyed when I just posted their pictures in Cookie’s album on Facebook,” Debbi reminisces. “Gosh, that mare is so special. We named the filly Tee Nee Bit Lazy, who is out of TB mare Tee Nee Avenger. And we named the colt-who was the one that was rejected, Certain Im Invited, out of A Certain Blaze. Cookie invited him in with open…hoofs!” A true testimony to the bond between a mare and their foals, even adopted ones! Cookie is certainly a SuperMare.

Certain Im Invitd

We can’t wait to see what the two babies go on to do with the rest of their lives, as well as who Cookie will mother in the future. Thanks to Pine View Farms and Debbi for sharing this wonderful love story!

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