Two New Incentive Funds From The Invitation Equine Investments, LLC

February 17th, 2012 11:50 AM | No Comments

The 2014 $5,000 Lunge Line Incentive and the 2015 $20,000 “Ride to Win” Incentive Funds are designed to appeal to all horse breeders, owners, and trainers who breed to “The Invitation” (registration #3559788) in 2012.

Yearlings can show Lunge Line in Open, Non Pro, Amateur, and Color divisions as well as Western and English. Ride to Win 2 year olds can compete in Open, Intermediate, Limited, Amateur, Color and Non Pro divisions, for both English and Western riding.

All associations are eligible for the incentive fund,  (i.e. APHA, PtHA, ApHC, IBHA, PBHA) including breeding stock horses. Horses are eligible to show in the Open, Intermediate, Limited, Amateur, and Non Pro divisions.  Any and all futurities are permitted in this incentive fund up to, and including, Tom Powers, Southern Belle, NSBA, and any others not mentioned.

To be eligible and to participate in The Invitation Incentive Funds, you need to have foal(s) by The Invitation in the 2013 calendar year, and then show the foal(s) in 2014 for the Lunge Line Incentive Fund and additionally, if desired, in 2015 in the “Ride to Win” Incentive Fund.  You may choose to participate in either or both funds.


2014 – $5,000 Lunge Line Incentive Fund
Trainer…. $2,000
Owner….. $2,000
Breeder … $1,000

2015 – $20,000 “Ride to Win” Incentive Fund
Trainer…. $10,000
Owner….. $6,000
Breeder … $4,000

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How is the incentive money paid out?
It will be paid out to the top money earner in Lunge Line in 2014 and to the top 2 year old money earner in 2015, sired by The Invitation (registration #3559788.)

When is the money paid out?
Payout will be on or before February 15th of the following qualified incentive year.

Who is eligible?
Any owner, exhibitor, or trainer who has a foal in 2013 of the appropriate age from “The Invitation,” and shows them in any money classes in Lunge Line in 2014, and any riding classes in 2015. The top money earner will be presented with the appropriate payout depending whether they are Trainer, Owner, or Breeder. One person can be eligible for one, two or all three areas of payout.

How do I enroll my “The Invitation” baby in the Incentive Fund?
No enrollment is necessary.  All “The Invitation” babies are already entered.  Just have a 2013 “The Invitation” baby, and let the showing begin in the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

What are the dates of eligibility for the two Incentive Funds?
Lunge Line Fund:  January 1 – December 31, 2014
“Ride to Win” 2 Year Old Fund:  January 1 – December 31, 2015

Who is verifying that the money earned is correct for each participant?
Sara Vanessen Pedigrees, in conjunction with Robin Glenn Pedigrees, are the independent companies retained that will verify the top money earners for 2014 and 2015 Incentive Fund.






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