Shorty Parks’ Recipes for Success: Breeding Natural Movers

January 10th, 2012 2:46 PM | 2 Comments

Shorty Parks with The Invitation





Shorty Parks has been in and around the AQHA and a part of NSBA for over 40 years. Winner of the 2004 Jack Benson award for his commitment to the pleasure horse industry, Shorty is truly a living legend. He has trained, bought, and sold many of the greatest horses of the AQHA for some of the greatest farms and ranches in the industry.

Everyone makes breeding hard. It’s really not that difficult. I live by a few rules in my breeding program. Here are some my recipes for success.

Always breed to natural movers.  Your mare should move naturally, be deep in the hocks, and have a flat knee. Many horses today are man made.  What is a man made horse? These are horses forced to move in an unnatural ways. You will only get random and or inconsistent success in the show ring with a man made horse.

Here is one example, of what I see time and time again – when a mare does not do well in the show ring they bring the horse home to be a broodmare.  Now you’re adding your not-so-good performer to your breeding program.  Your chances of getting a winning combination has just lowered substantially.  Instead, breed your very best natural mover to a stallion who is a natural mover.  -Shorty

What impresses Shorty about The Invitation is that he has natural movement, along with a balanced temperament, versatility, and the correct conformation to be great. Shorty believes he will be one of the great ones.

The Invitation is a sire of Congress & Reichert Pleasure Futurity Champions, AQHA World Show Top 10, AQHA Superior, and AQHA Year End High Point Award Winners. The Invitation was a Top 20 NSBA Pleasure Horse Sire in 2010.

Sired by record-setting Invitation Only, The Invitation earned his Superior in AQHA Western Pleasure, was Top 3 at the Quarter Horse Congress, Nebraska Silver Classic NSBA 2-Year-Old Open Western Pleasure Champion, Golden Opportunity 2-Year-Old Open Western Pleasure Futurity Champion, undefeated his 2-year-old year, and Ohio Amateur Open 3-Year-Old Western Pleasure Champion.

The Invitation’s bottom line is one of the strongest in the industry from World Champion producer Ms Hot Medicine, whose dam (Miss Medicine Man) was Honor Roll Western Pleasure with 589 points and a Superior Pleasure producer. Ms Hot Medicine is by leading sire and champion sire Hotrodders Jet Set.

Shorty has done, seen, and accomplished more than most will ever do in the equine industry, and he is still doing it!  Contact Shorty Today for a consultation to get your natural mover to The Invitation.  To honor the advice of one of the best in the industry, special pricing considerations will be given to natural moving mares.

Breed your very best natural mover to a stallion who is a natural mover.” -Shorty Parks

Learn more about The Invitation by visiting his Stallion Page

Visit The Invitation’s website by clicking here

2 Responses to “Shorty Parks’ Recipes for Success: Breeding Natural Movers”

  1. I recently purchased a mare trained by shorty parks
    Her name is cowgirl flashback. I’m looking for a possible
    Training video of shortys training style so I can tune her up.
    I’ve been looking online and can’t find anything. We are also looking
    To breed her at some point and were curious if he remembers her and
    Had any suggestions who we should breed her with.

  2. If you bought a horse from shorty then get a hold of him, if you are wanting to show this horse then after many years of shoeing and riding training Your best bet is to let shorty tune horse or tell you how to use, (Rusty)

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