Preparation for the Reichert Celebration is Underway

August 7th, 2008 8:24 PM | No Comments

Our thanks to Kaylene Schroeder for this story and photos.

It’s only the beginning…

Preparation for the Reichert Celebration is underway. Vendors are unloading and setting up, banners are being hung, and offices are arranging for many anxious exhibitors. But, this is only the beginning.

The Reichert Celebration is known for not only its many awards and classes for everyone, but also for its hospitality. From day one, the Reichert Staff has worked hard to make this show truly a “celebration”. The VIP Sponsorship stage, the VIP Hospitality Saloon, and sponsor provided parties for exhibitors all make this show truly one of a kind.

Along with all of this preparation comes our first set of color breed shows.Friday 8th, is our first day of the American Paint Horse
Association and Appaloosa Horse Club shows. For the Appaloosa’s, this is a special event. This will be their first show at the Reichert Celebration.

On Friday in the Ford Livestock Arena, we will be featuring the Camas Stump Race. This involves two barrel racing patterns set up next to each other, with a pair of exhibitors racing against each other in a fast race to the finish line.

We are expecting this to be very exciting and worthwhile for all exhibitors and spectators. Overall, we are very excited to finally start and wish everyone safe travels and best of luck!

Kaylene Schroeder
The Reichert Celebration

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