2008 Reichert Report: What a Celebration!

August 13th, 2008 8:33 PM | No Comments

PleasureHorse.com is once again involved in a full week of photo gallery uploads and class results from the Reichert Celebration. They are having a terrific year here at the Expo Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are blessed to have the invite and hospitality of J.R. Reichert and his family as they manage this giant show.  Please email them a word of appreciation for  us, as they really work hard to bring this Celebration together for the industry.

The Celebration is a well-oiled engine this year. They have thought of everything, from: ‘How to conduct a show that exhibitors want to attend – Big Prize Money, plenty of Gifts given away at random for those not necessarily in the top ten (NICE things like fine jewelry, saddles, boots, cash, etc.). They have also thought of what it would be like for the spectators… the Futurities are and absolute thrill to watch! The fanfare Wednesday night included a stage coach team, laser lights, pyrotechnics, lighted introductions down a red carpet, even a thundering group of wild horses; wine on white linen tables for the owners,  that’s all before the evening show started! The finest group of quality horses you will probably ever see has attended the futurities this year.

Let me encourage all who are with in driving distance to ‘Come out and watch the show each night!’ You wont be disappointed. JR even took the microphone before the places were given in the Maiden 3 Year Old Western Pleasure class to thank the exhibitors for bringing such a fine group of horses to the event.

Also notable are the exhibitor appreciation gifts. It seems every single class has a gift give-away during the line up. One name is selected by random draw, and that lucky rider comes forward to receive a prize… even gold and rubies or cash for gasoline or nice tack that’s been donated. This is something you don’t see at any other show, and the Reicherts are happy to make this happen for as many exhibitors as possible.

The Reichert’s not only cater to the Pleasure Horse industry, but also the Halter Horses come out to compete for some of the largest purses of the year for them. Now they are adding Color Breeds and are enjoying a huge influx of Paints, Appy’s and Palominos. The variety is fun for the viewers and branching out like this is great for inspiring activity in the industry. Lets not forget the opportunity to buy and sell horses that become eligible for some very enticing incentive fund money in classes held at future ‘Celebrations’.   … Yes, they’ve covered it all.

Our hats are off to J.R and his family, Terry Schroeder, his sister manages the details like an artist, and the office staff is quick and pleasant I don’t know any two more efficient managers than “the dynamite duo”: Chris Darnell on exhibitor entries and Mary Johnston on slot classes, even Kaylene Schroeder is working on stories for the web, Sue Reichert, coordinates awards and lets not forget to commend Alan Moorhead on the microphone… he pipes in music every minute he’s not using that beautiful radio voice of his, along with our friend Dave Branham, the two of them do such a fine job hosting, they make the whole atmosphere enjoyable. Their music keeps the day moving and the people cheerie.

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