Pryor Ranch’s “Deck of Stars” Produces a “Perfect Rose”- The Best Mare Sue Could Have Asked For

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Editors note: Judy Pryor of Pryor Ranch loves to share her success stories of her great stallion, Deck Of Stars. Sue Rankin of Santa Rosa, CA has one of those success stories- a wonderful 1996 mare named Decks Perfect Rose, by Deck Of Stars and out of Zippos Perfect Rose has been giving one family the horse of a lifetime.

 By Sue Rankin

Sue with Rosa

Decks Perfect Rose … she is exactly as her name states! She has been the most “Perfect Rose” I have ever known, and continues to live up to her name every moment of every day! I’m sure there are not many horses like her, and I feel so very fortunate to have enjoyed such a wonderful dream-come-true as part of my life.

I purchased Rosa as a 3 year old in 1999, and after just a few weeks of owning her, she placed 3rd in the AVQHA High Desert Classic Three Year Old Open Western Pleasure Futurity. She received many compliments of what a pretty, natural mover she was. I was so proud to be the new owner of Decks Perfect Rose!

 And that was just the beginning of our story together. For many years, we had a lot of fun and great success showing in Western Pleasure, Western Riding, Trail, Horsemanship and Showmanship at Quarter Horse shows, winning many circuit awards, buckles and qualifying for the World Show in 200 in Open Junior Western Pleasure and Amateur Western Pleasure. Rosa was letting me live my dream!

But in 2003, I was devastated to learn that Rosa was diagnosed with a very severe sinus infection, which required the first “standing” surgery at UC Davis. A standing surgery is when the horse is heavily sedated in stocks and the dentist goes through the mouth, rather than general anesthesia, which is performed lying down. The surgery where the horse is laid down is known as a sinus flap surgery. A sinus flap surgery involves removing part of the bone in the nasal area, doing the surgery through the flap and re-attaching the flap after surgery. There is risk of complications, and can sometimes create cosmetic compromise. We didn’t want to risk losing her to blood loss, so opted for the standing surgery, which was necessary to remove two cracked upper molars, due to Rosa munching on some rocks while eating her hay. My world was flipped upside down.

So, the flushing and medications began, and continued, at our ranch for months and months. I would hook Rosa up to a bag of saline, add the medications, and let it run through a port in this amazing mare’s sinus for 45 minutes, twice a day, every day. She just stood there, letting the medicine drip, all while I was cleaning stalls, turning other horses out, feeding … whatever! Rosa was the perfect patient, letting the medicated saline run through her sinus, out through her nose, knowing there was a lot of “love” flowing through the many bags of saline in hope she’d recover quickly. I wasn’t going to give up on my dream-come-true horse, no way!

The trips to UC Davis continued, the flushing and medications continued … until the infection finally gave up from much persistence and a lot of love of this very special horse.

After her recovery, showing was now out of the question due to the loss of time, training and the sinus flare-ups. I decided I wanted another “Perfect Rose,” so I started breeding Rosa. I did 2 embryo transfers with recipient mares. Got an “Invitation Only” foal & “Potential Investment” foal. She has been a great mother, and for many years we have been very fortunate with Rosa’s gift of many beautiful babies running through the pasture. Rosa has always been one to take to her pregnancy the first time out, is very patient and loving of her babies, and is “textbook” in her deliveries. She still continues to bag up every spring while she’s still dreaming that it’s time to have another little “Rose” close by!

To this day, Rosa’s still a “Perfect Rose.” As a Select rider, she still allows me to hop on bareback with a halter and lead rope draped over one side of her neck, do some beautiful, effortless lead changes and hop off. She’s still programmed for showmanship and does perfect patterns, every time, without a halter or lead shank.

Rosa's foal "Guiness"

Yes, she’ll always be my “Perfect Rose.”

Recently, my 6-year-old granddaughter began to show an interest in riding, so out comes this great perfect mare once again. It’s so cute watching a beautiful little girl “cluck” to make Rosa go forward, say “whoa” to stop and “back” to back up. Rosa is so willing, so caring in every way!

At this time, with some hesitation, but still wishing the best for Rosa’s future, I’m offering “Decks Perfect Rose” for sale as an awesome broodmare, walk-jogger, kid’s best friend and most affectionate horse friend in the world! She deserves a life of lots more fun with someone on her back, more baby making, or beautiful foals running through beautiful green pastures for many more years! Yes, she’s the “Perfect Rose” and will always bloom brightly in my heart! She’s a one-in-a-million girl.

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