PR Deck Dot Com to be Laid to Rest at Pryor Ranch

July 12th, 2013 3:16 PM | No Comments

Kayla and Dot

It is never easy to lose a beloved animal, much less your wonderful show horse. Kayla Magrum of Ohio lost her great show gelding PR Deck Dot Com on January 30, 2013 due to colic. The family decided to bring PR Deck Dot Com to rest this weekend at Pryor Ranch to be with his sire, Deck of Stars. “This is a huge honor,” says Judy Pryor, owner of Pryor Ranch, of the event. “It’s been a long road PR Deck Dot Com has been on. He has won so, so many titles and points for each and everyone of his owners… It’s time he goes full circle and comes home.” 

The gelding, “Dot”, first came to the Magrum’s when owner Kayla was 11. “I remember when we first got him, my mom went to try him and said no way!” Kayla said with a chuckle. “He was so big, she didn’t want him for her eleven year old. When she got on him, he turned out to be such a gentle giant… you could do anything to that horse.” Dot went on to be a great show horse, excelling in the Hunter Under Saddle class, with 92.5 open points. He also had competed in Western Riding, Western Pleasure, Performance Geldings, Halter, even Reining!  A great Youth horse as well, he totaled 111.5 HUS points, as well as All around titles, western pleasure, 47 Hunt Seat Equitation points, 145 Showmanship points, 121 Performance Gelding halter points, and several World Show qualifications, Top Ten placings at the World Show in Performance Halter Geldings and 2008 Congress Champion.

Aeiana aboard Dot, with Kayla on the ground

“You could lay on him, do anything to that horse,” Kayla reminisces. “He would take a nap every day. I would do lead line with Aeiana Nemeth, who absolutely loved him. She cried the entire day when she found out.”

Dot passed away suddenly due to colic. “We had him at home from Brian and Darla Lee’s for the winter. I went to get him out of the stall to ride, and when I saddled him up he was acting funny. When I tightened the girth, he tightened up. He was trying to lay down in the crossties… I walked him for a while and he was trying to lay down a lot. By the time we got him on the trailer to take him to Ohio State University, he laid down 10 minutes into the trailer ride.” OSU vets came out and met the Magrum’s along the way, following them to the clinic. “They really helped us,” said Kayla, who wanted to thank them again.

“Darla Lee took his tail and sent it out to make a bracelet,” Kayla shared, her gratitude obvious. “It is beautiful.”

Dot was born in 2000 out of Miss Gunrunner at Pryor Ranch in Nebraska. “Judy loved that horse,” Kayla said. “She would always take a picture with him at Congress, and she just loves him. When we got him cremated, it was 50lbs of ashes. We put it into 2 different urns, and we decided to share it with Judy. We’re finally able to bring him home.”

Kayla is trying to move beyond Dot, and has started trying out new horses. “Every horse I try, I can’t even… he is going to be so hard to replace. I won’t ever be able to replace him. He just did so much and was the easiest horse to ride.”

Our condolences to the Magrums, as well as Judy, who treats all of her sires’ offspring like they are her own children. Best of luck to Kayla in her search to find a new horse, and thank you to both ladies who took the time to share this story with us.



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