Is Your Horse Performing At It’s Best?

September 24th, 2015 4:20 PM | No Comments

72snefkWXJSVSuuzuN6hhY6D2Do9IVlwP4aPg7K-M0gHorse Hair Analysis by DePaolo Equine Concepts  can help identify the source of tying up, anxiety, tendon and ligament issues and chronic body soreness.  Get your horse tested today!

Here are  a few testimonials  on what HHA can do for your horse! 

” I wanted to let Dr. DePaolo know what a difference I have seen in my two mares. Specifically, my 9 yo mare, Quela, has had many bouts with colic over the years, many visits with the vet, many trailer rides to work the belly ache out, etc. On the advice of my local vet I had her scoped for ulcers this last February (which Dr. DePaolo has since educated me on scoping and the hind gut) but found nothing. Since she’s been on her personalized supplement from the HHA testing & the Excel I’ve had absolutely NO bouts of colic with her – not one! She is much more focused on her job and happy. I can’t begin to express what peace of mind this has given me.” T.K.

“Dakota was having trouble recovering from our training sessions. Eventually, he seemed so run down that I thought he might colic. He was down in his stall. For a year, we couldn’t figure out what was going on. I ran a Horse Hair Analysis and we discovered that even though he was on a supplement, he was totally deficient in all of the essential minerals. The Personal Supplement completely turned him around! He is a different horse now. I am so grateful that we saved him and saved the frustration of trying other more costly approaches.” L.W.

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