Horse Record Books- Making Your Life More Organized so You can Focus on Winning!

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Organization is the key to success!

Organization is the key to success!

Being a successful competitor takes a lot of things – skill, determination, and a healthy partnership with the right horse, for starters. Not to mention which horse gets what grain, what lessons you have which night, and what potluck dish you are bringing to the horse show. Without a good system of organization, the most skillful rider will never reach their full potential, not to mention remembering who to bill for the last show, or where you placed in last year’s Novice Pleasure in May!

Luckily for you, there is a great tool that equestrians everywhere are utilizing to keep themselves on track. Horse Show Record Books are much more than a notebook, they are a key to your organization and success!

In this 100+ page record book, you can manage, plan, and document your horse show season. The Record Book contains a 2014 monthly calendar, as well as sections dedicated to trip details, association points, horse statistics, accomplishments, and goals.

The bulk of the book lies within the Trip Details section, where riders can document the date and location of the event, along with mileage, fuel, price of fuel paid, association, entry fee, number of entries, horse competed on, classes entered, placing under each judge and points earned, money won, trainers fees, stall fees, and more. It even includes room for additional notes! (Maybe a recipe for that great dish your barn buddy brought to the last show?)

These details allow riders to track their own progress, and can be used from season to season to analyze specific strengths and weaknesses. It can even be used to help you determine which events offer the best return on investment. Trainers can use them to help track their clients’ classes, who has paid for shavings, mileage for trailering, and more.

Horse Show Record Books are available in Barrel Racing and Horse Show edition, and each sells for $20. Both can be purchased online at You can also find information on distributors, and how to become one.

Get yours before show season gets too busy!



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