Horse Hair Analysis Pinpoints Deficiencies

June 25th, 2015 7:00 AM | No Comments

HHA-contestNervous, irritable, hormonal – do any of these words describe your horse? While many factors can contribute to mental or physical problems, more often than not, the root cause of many of these issues is a mineral deficiency.

In fact, research shows 77% of horses exhibiting signs of undesirable behavior tested deficient in one or more nutritional minerals. Horse Hair Analysis© can identify the cause of these setbacks by providing an extremely accurate profile of your horse’s biochemistry.

The hair is scientifically tested and lab results are evaluated by Mark DePaolo, DVM. A comprehensive report, complete with graphs detailing each mineral and metal level, is then sent to you, along with an explanation of how the horse is affected. A personalized feed program and supplement recommendation is included to help your horse reach its full potential. 

Horse Hair Analysis© has tested over 2,000 horses since 2008. The cost of the Horse Hair Analysis© test is $185, and the customized Personal Supplement is less than $1.00 per day. To begin your Horse Hair Analysis©, visit or call 940-686-9111.

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