Fun, Trendy Stud Wear Hits the Circuit

April 17th, 2011 4:00 PM | No Comments

Amy Gumz, owner and manager of Gumz Farms, and Adria Smith, manager and owner of Seaside Farm, are two women who clearly know their studs!  Now, they’re trying their hand at promoting a new line of casual apparel, appropriately named “Stud Wear.”

Stud Wear features all stallions standing at Gumz Farms, including Absolute Investment, A Scenic Impulse, Certain Potential, Huntin For Chocolate, Iron Age, No Doubt Im Lazy, Only In The Moonlite and These Irons Are Hot.  You can choose from a variety of exclusively designed garments and accessories with your favorite stallion’s logo.

The above photos are just a sampling of items available through Stud Wear… asked Amy and Adria how the idea for Stud Wear was born.  Adria Smith, owner of stallions These Irons Are Hot and Iron Age, told us she would sometimes have things made for herself or as giveaways, with her stallions’ logos printed on them.  “I’d be wearing a shirt or something with ‘These Irons Are Hot’ printed on it at a show, and people would ask if I had the shirts for sale.”  That got Smith and Gumz thinking about the idea to market the garments as a way to both promote their stallions, and provide a trendy, well-priced, fun piece of clothing to people.

“We considered the mare owners and exhibitors who may also want to promote the horses they are breeding and showing,” said Amy Gumz.  “Those people ask us all the time if we have items with the stallions’ names or logos.”  Rather than go the somewhat typical route with pens, baseball caps and coffee mugs, the two wanted to provide things that people would be excited to wear.

Said Smith, “We wanted to offer items that are different…things you can’t just go out and buy anywhere.”  But, they also wanted to keep it casual and affordable.  These are items you can wear when you’re out with your horses, and not worry about it.

“So far, the response on our Facebook page has been really positive,” said Gumz.  Stud Wear also has a website at showcasing all of their garments and accessories.  Find something you like, and you can purchase it online right away.  You can also see some of their items in the All That Show Clothing booth at selected upcoming horse shows including the Triple Classic and the Tom Powers.  In October, Gumz Farms will have a booth at the 2011 All American Quarter Horse Congress pulling double duty – promoting the 2011 stallions standing at the farm, and showing off the fabulous Stud Wear! wishes our new sponsor, Stud Wear, much success!

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