Draw It Out Offers a Natural Approach to Liniment

June 22nd, 2015 6:27 PM | No Comments

Press Release

11393143_946935541995703_8220787071560257447_nA new high potency G.E.L. version of Draw It topical liniment is hitting the shelves.  Draw It Out is intended to help all horse owners deal with swelling and soreness that accompany horse ownership without the mess and danger of traditional liniments & poultices.  Draw It Out achieves this by eliminating all of the carries & chemicals found in traditional products.  In addition to those they also removed all the odor & color, to ensure a mess free application with no cleanup.

Draw it Out is an all natural topical liniment that reduces swelling and soreness.  It utilizes over 170 different minerals to achieve its goal.  Being all natural you don’t have to worry about any “blister factor” or “burning” your horse like you do with traditional liniments or poultices.  It can be left on indefinitely without issue.  It is also completely safe if accidentally ingested by you or the animal.  Unlike traditional poultices or liniments Draw It Out has tremendous versatility.  It has proven effective as:

  • A  Leg Wrap (poultice)
  • A Body Brace
  • A General Liniment (Spray)
  • A Hoof Soak
  • A Neck Sweat

Draw It Out can be used before, during & after events.  Many users saturate their horses back before saddling up to help keep the horse form becoming sore during an event or training.

Draw It Out allows users to consolidate several integral products into one single bottle.  Every ingredient in Draw It Out is locally sourced right here in the U.S.A. to ensure quality and effectiveness.  Being all natural helps ensure it meets the requirements for both FEI & USEF.  It is available in both 32oz and 128oz bottles from dealers worldwide.  If you can’t find it near you be sure to request it at a local tack or feed store. 

Draw It Out Veterinary Strength Liniment

No Color. No Odor. No Mess. Just Results.

You can find more from their website www.DrawItOutUSA.com

Address: Draw It Out USA, 128 W Rock Island Ave, Boyd, TX, 76023

            Tel: (817) 382-1529

            Email: Admin@drawitoutusa.com

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