Cookie the SuperMare at Pine View Farms

March 21st, 2013 10:10 AM | 2 Comments
The touching story of Cookie…
Pine View Farms certainly has had an interesting start to the 2013 foaling season! Farm manager Debbi Trubee has shared with, us not only some adorable photos (pictured in our foal showcase), but this touching story of Cookie, the wonderful nurse mare…
“It all started with Cookie preparing to be a nurse mare for a TB mare we had that had injured her foot beyond repair.  The mare, Tee Nee Avenger was in foal to Lazy Loper and we did what we could to make her comfortable in hopes of her carrying to term.  Tee Nee was doing great but started to go down hill this last week.  She was already two weeks overdue so we opted to do a C-Section on her in hopes the baby would be viable.  Dr. Curt Honecker did the C-Section here at the farm and once the baby was revived it quickly became apparent that she was going to do just fine after she placed several good kicks to the vet’s back when he was putting the NG tube in!  We named her Pita, Pain In The (you know what!), right then.
After we got the filly stable and up, we brought Cookie to the door to meet her.  Cookie took one look at her, talked to her and gave her a good lick.  We carefully allowed Cookie in the stall and after a few sniffs she was all about the baby!  It took no time to get Pita nursing and we all gave high fives and went to bed.”
Debbi continues, “Sunday morning, we had a maiden recipient mare foal an Invitation Only colt out of A Certain Blaze.  Initially, she was fine with the baby and we thought all was well.  Later that night she started to randomly try to kick the baby’s head off when he would try to nurse.  We separated the two and started the process of drugging the mare and taking her in hourly for the baby to nurse.  She still could not be trusted, even sedated with us there, to not try to kick the baby.  
At some point Monday morning we thought maybe Cookie would take another baby so we gave it a try.  We opened the door and took the baby in and Cookie immediately went to licking the new baby!
So now Cookie has a big job caring for both babies.  They are doing great and are both on bottle feeding as well as nursing Cookie.  All is well at Pine View once again!”
Thanks to Debbi for sharing such a touching story, and best of luck to Cookie and her small family. We’re looking forward to more updates on the two foals!

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  1. I really want to hear updates on this wonderful mare. I would love to see more photos as the babies age…this mare is worth her weight in gold.

    Sheri B

  2. That is a great story. I agree with Seri B. It would be great to hear updates on the three of them.

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