Big Name to Little Farm… Zips Chocolate Chip Comes Home to Ohio!

July 22nd, 2013 10:32 AM | 5 Comments

By Gabrielle Sasse,

Big news came to Myers Horse Farms in Ashland, OH on Saturday the 20th- the great Zips Chocolate Chip has returned to his birthplace for his much-earned retirement!

Chip first left the Myers as a two year old, “enjoying a wonderful life with Cleve Wells, Bob and Ann Perry and most of all, Joe and Suzy Jeane for the past 26 years” says Chip’s owner, Ann Myers. Chip has retired home to his birthplace, and Phil and Ann are so excited for him to be here. “He has been our MAGICAL HORSE!!!” exclaims Ann. “He’s still so magnificent when he moves, even to this day. He trots out in the pasture and just FLOATS.”

Chip is living the good life in his retirement. “We called our Amish barn builders to come expand a stall into a huge suite for him,” explains Ann, obviously excited to have her boy home. “It’s got a connecting run-in paddock so he can go in and out whenever he wants. He’s got a fan, room to lounge, hang his head out the door… whatever he wants!” Chip came home to a decorated stall, with all of his fans, friends and offspring to welcome him back. “He had a gigantic welcome home card, with fresh flowers in a horse-head vase and a wonderful garland to welcome him.”

Ann wanted the best for her gorgeous bay stud, and he made the trip from Texas in style, with an entire semi to himself! “We didn’t want him traveling all over the country, because he doesn’t do as well in the heat in his old age,” Ann explained. “We were lucky enough to find a hauler making the trip directly, so he came straight from Texas to Ohio in that big semi all by himself. It was wonderful!”

Ann mentioned that Chip was a little disoriented when he first arrived in Ohio, but quickly found a fast friend. “We have Chip’s ‘mascot’, Mini-Chip (a miniature horse that looks like the stallion) in the paddock and stall next to him. Once the boys met, it was almost instant friendship! They love playing under the fence together. At one point, Mini-Chip laid down to roll, and (big) Chip laid down to roll too! They both jumped up, muddy as can be, and started playing again. It’s wonderful to watch the buddies!”

Ann is thrilled to have her boy back at home, and is appreciative to everyone who took care of Chip when he was away. “Thank you to Joe and Suzy at Down The Rail for giving Chip such a great life in Texas!”

Even though Chip is now retired, Ann has frozen semen available for purchase. Contact her at or 419-289-0980  for more info, or visit Zips Chocolate Chip’s site here!

Stay tuned for more news on Mini-Chip, Ann, “Big” Chip, and his retirement in Ohio!



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A word from Ann Myers:

Having Zips Chocolate Chip home has been a bigger deal than we realized…He still floats when he moves across his paddock…He strikes the perfect poses for photos…He’s kind. He’s sweet…He IS a MAGNIFICENT horse!!!…..He’s our Secretariat!…..WOW!!!…..It’s like living in a dream with big booming movie music playing at full volume…..THANKS to ALL for your well wishes. We appreciate each and every one of you!!!!!

Ann & Phil Myers

5 Responses to “Big Name to Little Farm… Zips Chocolate Chip Comes Home to Ohio!”

  1. How awesome! I wish him well for a long and happy retirement and abundant health!

  2. This really brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful horse and wonderful owners. Every horse should have the dedication and concern for their welfare as Chip has had. Welcome home, CHIP. Savannah and Scoop say Hello to their “PaPa”

  3. Welcome home from the Lee’s in Iowa and Chip’s son ” Curtain “.
    We too love to see Chip move, so natural, and the baby,s sure move the same way
    Thank’s Phil and Ann You have been so fun to work with

    All the best Everette and Betty

  4. Ann so glad you guys get to enjoy Chip. He is such a sweetie, always has been! Love my Chips. They are with me in “forever homes” . Lily (2012 filly) looks like Zippo, but April (2001 mare) looks like Chip (but more massive like her maternal grand dam). Calla (2012 Chip granddaughter). Will send more pics soon !
    Best of everything and give him a peppermint for me please!

  5. Ann………….training with Rona Jacobs in Georgetown, SC…………every other stall is a CHIP……..Nestles, Hershey, Zip………..on and on and lots of magnificent mares. I am having weekly lesson and Savannah is there for training and horse shows in the immediate future. Call me when you can, Sis………….just heard from Ginny. Hope they visit again soon……………Love, big sis

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