At Mary Dee’s, It’s All About You

July 7th, 2014 7:45 AM | No Comments

MaryDees-TwilightJackYou have confidence in your horse, your skills, and your presentation.  Mary Dee wants to be sure you have complete confidence in your look, including your custom made horse show apparel, chosen or designed with you in mind.  Whether you want a traditional or subtle style or a fantastic new design, it’s doable when you work with Mary DeChristopher’s Western Show Jackets.

“Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Mary DeChristopher (… Just call me Mary Dee).  I worked in show apparel under designer, friend and mentor, Susan Lunenfeld. 

Today, my mission is to continue designing and creating show jackets in the same tradition of beauty, quality, and excellence that she inspired.  Let’s talk about the look you want!”

Mary invites you to check out her timeless designs and exciting new creations, with many samples available.  Visit her website at or send her an email to learn more at

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