UPDATE TO STORY – Management Change for A Good Machine

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UPDATE to ARTICLE -Message from Liane Warwick Drake, Owner of A Good Machine…

As owners of this wonderful stallion, my husband and I would like to share a little of what has made AGM so special to us and made him so special to anyone who knows of him.  We intend to show in art form the power and magnificence of this wonderful horse. We are letting go of the old and bringing in the new, and giving him the opportunity to prove not only his show results and those of his offspring, but presenting him with a  more holistic viewpoint.  A Good Machine sells himself in every way and once you have come in contact with his energy, you cannot help but want to be a part of it.

When we bought AGM, we decided to leave things for a while until we understood him better and until we felt he was ready to be channeled onto a pathway that led him into legendary status one day.

We are great believers in natural horsemanship and any methods that form a connection and understanding on a deep level with your horse. They have a language which we can hear and comprehend, if we are willing to listen.

A Good Machine is well known for his success rate of getting mares in foal with their first insemination.  It can be argued that this is a physiological component of breeding, but in addition to this, we believe a happy horse who is loved, will give you everything. As you give to him, he gives to you. They also have so much to teach us if we are willing to learn.

Our ranch is a place of peace and tranquility where our equine friends live at one with us. It is a place that we chose specifically because one could feel the happiness that had been there before.

Because our viewpoint is not traditional, it is easy to be misunderstood and tarnished with a brush of daring to be different with our horses.

A dear friend once said something to me that I have never forgotten, “the American Quarter Horse is not just a horse, but a way of life.”

Liane Warwick Drake, Owner, A Good Machine


Owners to market and manage A Good Machine in mid-breeding season.

As of April 25th 2011, John & Kim Dean are no longer the Marketing Managers of A Good Machine.  The owners, Chris and Liane Drake have decided to start their own promotion program of the Ranch and their stallion.

This has been another phenomenal breeding season for A Good Machine.  Even with a sizeable increase in his breeding fee, he was booked full with over 150 mares by the end of March .  The Deans have felt very fortunate to be breeding some of the best mares in the country again this year, especially in this economy.  Kim and John Dean have consistently tried new marketing ideas such as the “Circle of Friends” breeding fees; Black Friday Breeding Specials, Buy One Breeding, and Get One Half Price throughout the years.
Kim Dean had this to say, “It has been a great honor to have had the opportunity to train, show & promote babies out of this remarkable stallion. We would like  to take this opportunity to thank all of the mare owners & trainers who believed in and bred to AGM throughout the years—-many of whom have become good friends.”  Kim and John are truly grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity to have had a small part in A Good Machine’s success as a sire.  For those who have bred to A Good Machine or those in the process of breeding to him, here is some contact information for you:

  • For semen shipments, please contact the breeding manager, Rick McDonald at 903-816-1559 (shipping days are still Mon/Wed/Fri–call the night before a shipping day to place your order).
  • For breeders certificates, information on AGM, web site updates, classified ads on your AGM’s For Sale, stallion breeding fees, information on which mares cross well with AGM, information about AGM offsprings winnings… please contact:

Owner, Liane Drake @ liannewarwickdrake@yahoo.co.uk or at 940-437-5015 after they return to the U.S.  Their arrival into the U.S. is uncertain at this time but you will be able to reach Liane by email prior to their arrival.

From the bottom of their hearts, the Deans would like to thank each of you for helping make AGM what he has become today.  They can be reached by phone 903-815-3347 or email at johnandkimdean@aol.com.   Good luck to all of the AGM’s showing now and in the future!!!

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  1. I have been MORE THAN HAPPY with Kim and John Dean as the breeders connection with A Good Machine.!!! They have been wonderful..hopefully the new management will do as well.

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