An Absolute Investment in Almost Perfect Conformation

April 18th, 2011 10:43 AM | No Comments

What has two equal sides and a bottom twice as long as its top? Trick question. There are two answers. A trapezoid and a horse with perfectly balanced conformation. Those involved with evaluating horses recognize this ideal build as having a trapezoid shape. The horse’s underline is twice as long as the back, the top line should be level from the withers to the croup and the horse should have a sloping shoulder balanced with strong hind quarters.

Dan and Carol McWhirter own such a trapezoid. Their stallion, Absolute Investment, has such close to perfect conformation that he is often called the “the trapezoid horse.” Not only does this horse have an ideal build, superior movement and a sound mind, but he passes these characteristics to each of his offspring.

Absolute Investment is a 15.2 hand Sorrel Stallion by The Invester out of Investment Ms by The Big Investment.  Absolute Investment is a “designer gene” horse – being 62.5% related to our late, great, 2004 AQHA Hall of Fame inductee, The Invester.

Foals of Absolute Investment are eligible for AQHA Incentive Fund, AQHA Kentucky Breeders Incentive, NSBA Breeders Championship & Stallion Incentive, Just For Pleasure, Southern Belle, Nebraska Breeders.

Semen is available internationally throughout Europe and Australia. No Absolute Investment is standing at Gumz Farms in Morganfield, Kentucky. You may visit his website at or Gumz Farms’ website at to find out more information.







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