Alliance Hunt Seat Saddle Coming to Congress!

September 24th, 2013 8:16 AM | 1 Comment

The World’s Finest Saddle for the Stock Horse Breeds! 

Cyril Pittion-Rossillon and Lynn Palm of Palm Partnership Training have partnered with Forestier, one of the oldest and most respected saddle makers in France, to design a unique Hunt Seat Saddle. Cyril and Lynn have experienced many challenges in finding the right English Saddle to fit Quarter Horses, Appendix Quarter Horses, Paints and other Stock Horse breeds.  Most saddles were too narrow in the tree, pinching the horse’s shoulders, sliding back from the shoulder or were truly unbalanced. Cyril and Lynn felt a strong need to conceive a saddle that would accommodate the build of this type of horse.

Over the last 6 years the ‘Trophee’ Hunt Seat Saddle has become a saddle that WINS! Multiple World and Congress Champions ride in the Alliance saddle! A line up of top pros use the Trophee as their brand of choice:  Kevin & Melissa Dukes, Nancy Sue Ryan, Chris Baldwin, Judy Davis, Tim & Karen Wildes and Carla Wennberg. Cyril and Lynn invite all pros to see and try the saddle! If you would like to join the team, they would love to meet you! Find them in Congress Hall, in the middle, booth #620, next to SmartPak!

A compliment to the pros who support Alliance saddles is the number of Champion Amateur and Youth competitors that have had big wins in the saddle. There are World Champions in Hunter Under Saddle, Hunter Hack, Hunt Seat Equitation on the flat and over fences! All of the testimonials excite Cyril and Lynn knowing that they have designed a saddle that helps horses perform their best with the proper fit. They also know that the craftsmanship of this handmade saddle is top notch with the best leather on the market. At the same time, the balance of the saddle has improved so many riders’ balance plus making them more effective riders! If you want to ride better and feel more secure in your hunt saddle, you have to have a saddle that fits both your horse and you. If you do, you will always improve your correct performance with your horse in all hunt seat events on the flat or over fences!

When you feel the leather, you will want to sit in the saddle. When you sit in the saddle, you will want to try it on your horse and ride in it. Then you will want to join the winning team! Cyril and Lynn would love to help you find the perfect match!  Complementary saddle fittings and 10% savings for saddles ordered at the Congress will be offered.

Also at the Alliance Saddles booth you will find many educational books, DVDs, and take home material to give back to the horse and owner that we love so much! There will have daily drawings, give-aways, contests, and much more!

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  1. This is the best saddle I have ever ridden in. My daughter now rides in one and loves it and several of my students. They are super comfortable and actually fit the horse and rider. This was not solicited either just my honest feelings.. I love love love this saddle.

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